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230V LED strips are an excellent choice when you want to create impressive and energy efficient lighting for your home or office. These strips run directly on mains power, which means easy and safe installation without the need for a separate power supply. Our range of 230V LED strips is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Safety and legislation

When working with 230V LED strips, safety is always a primary concern. 230V LED strips operate directly on mains power, so correct and safe installation is absolutely essential. These products are intended for fixed installation only and should only be installed by a qualified electrician. This ensures that the installation complies with current safety standards and the requirements of the legislation on electrical installations.

Electrical installation work in Finland is regulated by the Electrical Safety Act (1135/2016) and the regulations issued under it, including the Electrical Work Safety Standard SFS 6002. These laws and standards have been created to protect both the installer and the end user, and contain clear instructions on how to carry out electrical work safely.

It is also important to note that the correct and safe use of LED strips requires that the strips are designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards. All of the 230V LED strips in our online shop meet EU safety standards and are CE marked, which guarantees product safety and quality.

Please remember that safety is always our top priority. If you have any doubts about the installation, we recommend you contact a professional.

Advantages of 230V led strip lighting

230V and 24V LED strip lights both have their own advantages and are suitable for different applications. The choice between them often depends on the installation environment, lighting needs and safety requirements. Here are some reasons why you might choose 230V LED strip instead of 24V strip:

Easy installation

230V LED strips run directly on mains power, which means they do not require a separate power supply or transformer. This can make installation easier and faster, especially for larger installation projects.

Longer distances

Because 230V LED strips operate directly on mains power, they can be a better choice for long distances because they suffer less voltage drop than 24V strips. This means that you can use a long LED strip without a loss of light intensity at the end of the strip.


But remember that while 230V LED strips offer these advantages, their installation should be left to a professional, as they operate directly on mains power and can be dangerous to install without proper training and experience.

Common applications

230V LED strips have many popular applications because they are very versatile and can be installed almost anywhere where effective and energy-efficient lighting is required. Here are some common applications:

Home and office interiors

230V LED strip lights are a popular choice for home and office interiors. They can be installed in places where they are safe. For example, on staircases, living room ceilings or above desks to provide stylish and effective lighting.

Offices and public areas

230V LED strip is an excellent choice for lighting shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, galleries and other public spaces.


Since some 230V LED strip lights are designed to be weatherproof, they are a popular choice for outdoor lighting. They can be used to create patios, pathways, gardens or facade lighting, for example.

230V LED strips are a truly versatile solution for lighting needs and can be used almost anywhere they can be safely installed.

230V led strip light selection

We have a range of 230V LED strip lights available. Our range includes a variety of colours and solutions, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs and preferences. Whether your need is soft indirect lighting for your living room or bright task lighting for your workstation, you'll find a solution with us.

230V 4000K COB - Dotless IP65 led strip

This Dotless Ultra High Colour rendering CRI95, Dotless COB led strip light is the right power pack. It produces approx. 1500 Lumens per metre and has 680 LEDs per metre. So you won't see any dots.

This led strip light is cut off at 10 cm intervals, making it easy to make luminaires or to install where you can't put a transformer. We can manufacture ready-made luminaires for customers for a variety of uses, such as:

  • Workplace lighting for surface mounting on the ceiling.
  • Workplace luminaire for hanging on a ceiling
  • A special luminaire for a workplace or a workplace with a desk or a wall-mounted light
  • Customization of the customer's own light

230V NEON IP65 led strip light, 5m roll

The waterproof led strip NEON IP65 230V is easy to install and bend into different shapes. The ribbon is inside a strong silicone cable that reflects the light from one side. This NEON ribbon produces approximately 800 lumens per metre, making it a great atmosphere creator. 230V NEON led ribbon CANNOT BE COVERED.

The NEON retractable ribbon has a light colour temperature of 3000K or 4000K. The colour rendering index of the strip is about 93 which means that the colours are reproduced very well. The ribbon is 5 meters long and has a 1 meter connection cable at both ends, as well as schuko male and female connectors.

NEON led is easily bendable. You can easily get the ribbon in the desired arc. The CRI of the strip is about 93, which is excellent and suitable for home lighting, even in demanding applications:

  • curved surfaces
  • Balcony railing
  • balcony balustrades, stair railings (clip to the site stair railing and take with you when the site is over!)
  • a couple of nails on the wall and hang on the nail and even go round the whole room!

Installation and use

Installation is usually simple and requires no special tools.

230V COB installation

The 230V COB LED strip light should always be installed inside the LED profile for cooling and mechanical protection.

230V led strips can be seen used on construction sites as such, but please remember that they are not resistant to mechanical stress and are easily damaged and can cause electric shock if broken!

230V NEON installation

The NEON 230V Led strip light can either be pressed into the groove or used with the brackets supplied at 50cm intervals. The surrounding shield gives extra protection for 230V LEDs, making it a safe solution.

Quality and durability

All the 230V LED strip lights we sell are of high quality and durable. They are designed to withstand long-term use, and their energy efficiency will save you money in the long run. Enjoy maintenance-free and long-lasting lighting!

Contact us

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you find the right LED strip for your needs.

Take a look at our selection and find your favorite 230V LED strip!

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  1. LED STRIP NEON 230V, BENDABLE 3000K 10W/m (50W/5meter) IP65
    • 5 meter reel, 3000K, 230V
    • flexible and water proof strip, schuko plugs on both ends
    • 10 W/m and 800 lumen/m
    • Excellent CRI97
    • can not be cut
    In stock 9
  2. LED STRIP NEON 230V, BENDABLE 4000K 10W/m (50W/5meter) IP65
    • 5 meter reel, 4000K, 230V
    • flexible and water proof strip, schuko plugs on both ends
    • 10 W/m and 800 lumen/m
    • Excellent CRI97
    • can not be cut
    In stock 31
  3. 1m LED STRIP SOLO 14,4W/m 230V, 4000K, IP65
    • 1-100 meter reel, 4000K, 230V, IP65
    • our smallest 230V model 8 mm, extra smooth 680 led/m
    • 14,4 W/m and 1500 lumen/m
    • Excellent CRI 95
    • can be ordered also every 10 cm in lenght
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