Led lights for professionals

LedStore products are suitable for all professionals! Our lights are proven to be good and durable for large applications and for customers who appreciate quality. Whatever your lighting needs, ask LedStore first!

Led-lights for professionals

LedStore has many professional customer groups who have found our luminaires to be good for large applications and quality-conscious customers. We serve all professional groups under the LedPro brand. Below we tell you about the features of our products that professionals appreciate.

  • Electrical professionals from installers to engineers
  • Electrical supply chains
  • Lighting designers
  • Interior designers
  • Construction companies
  • Shops selling lighting

Colour reproduction matters – especially for professionals

LedStore luminaires have a colour rendering index (CRI) of up to 98. A high colour rendering index is not a given for LED luminaires. It plays a crucial role in the quality of light. LedStore’s quality of light means that the luminaire also reproduces the reference colours R9 to R15, reference colours that are difficult for a low-quality LED. These make up the CRI value that we indicate in all our luminaires. We use a certified measuring device for our quality control, and we verify the true CRI of all the luminaires in our range. When implementing a project for your client, it’s important to remember that it’s the end result that counts and how the project looks. Light quality matters!

Examples about color rendering, CRI 80 and CRI 98

Orange, blueberry and tomato are good examples to compare when you want to see with your own eyes the difference the quality of lighting makes. For a low-quality LED, you may not even measure the reference colours that would tell you what yellow, red and dark blue colours look like. A good quality LED luminaire will show more colour tones, which is why objects look the right colour at high colour rendering. CRI 80 is a good quality colour rendering based on current recommendations, but in our experience, increasing the CRI brings the colours of the environment to life.

The human eye craves high colour rendering because we are used to it. For example, an incandescent light bulb is capable of a CRI of 100 at its starting point. The colour temperature, kelvin, also affects the experience of colour, but the colour rendering index affects the range of colours that an LED luminaire can reproduce.

The descriptions were made by illuminating the same object with both a CRI 80 luminaire and a CRI 98 luminaire. The images have not been processed, i.e. the colour rendering of the objects has not been modified by image editing software. All rights reserved.

LedStore product development for professionals

LedStore luminaires are manufactured with all the key features carefully considered. We only include products in our range and under the LedStore brand that we can guarantee for a minimum of three, up to seven years. We have a good track record in product development, with extremely few product returns, less than 2% of products being returned to us due to a defect in the product (2018).

In the figure below you can see the main features of our products by product category.

Led spots

  • Dimmable
  • Chainable ballast
  • Transformer fits in the mounting hole, compact size
  • Efficient cooling
  • Also for wet rooms and outdoor use
  • Replaceable LED module
  • High-quality LED circuit, up to CRI 98
  • Colour temperature (Kelvin) control, CCT
  • Power options 9W and 15W
  • Led circuit warranty 7 years

Led panels

  • Dimmable
  • Chained ballasts
  • Thin, but strong
  • Submersible, hanging and surface-mounted models
  • Also for wet rooms and outdoor use
  • Power 6W (540 lm) – 72W (6 000 lm)
  • High-quality LED circuit, up to CRI 98
  • Continuously adjustable colour temperature (Kelvin), CCT
  • Led circuit warranty 7 years

Led strips

  • Dimmable
  • DC connectors at the ends of the tape for easy connection
  • Cut to size, up to 2.5 cm apart
  • For wet room, dry room, also for outdoor use
  • High-quality LED circuit, up to CRI 98
  • Colour temperature adjustable, CCT, also RGB
  • Multiple power ratings, 7.2W/m – 20W/m
  • Programmable LED circuits for precise colour control
  • Also with a more efficient cooling feature
  • Warranty up to 7 years

Led aluminium profiles

  • Aluminium frames
  • Workable in different shapes
  • For light fittings (from custom-made service)
  • Moisture-proof IP65
  • Dry room IP21
  • For indirect lighting
  • Workplace lighting
  • For flush, surface and pendant mounting

Led power supplies and dimmers

  • TRIAC, PWM, PUSH, DALI, 1-10V dimmable
  • Large power range 30W-600W
  • For wet rooms and outdoor use
  • Flicker free power supplies for photo shoots
  • Contact lens
  • Motion sensor, cabinet switch, swing switch, stair switch
  • Efficient efficiencies
  • 4in1 power supply 24V (triac, DALI, push-dim, 1-10V)
  • Warranty up to 7 years

Zigbee and DALI

  • Wide power range 30W-600W (controls up to 1KW!)
  • For wet rooms and outdoor use
  • Flicker free power supplies for photo shoots
  • Compatibility with Schneider EXXACT chimpanzees
  • Efficient efficiencies
  • Warranty 5 years

What customers say about LedStore

“I think LedStore is the professional’s choice because the products are functional and good. The choice is also wide enough. There’s stuff out there, and even the rarer stuff is willing to be found.

“I also use LedStore products for my own leisure projects because of the availability, range and price.”

“Among LedStore products, I am ready to recommend to my colleagues LED bulbs, LED panels, LED strips and downlights.”

“What’s great about LedStore’s LED strips is their brightness and wide range. The technology is available for any need. The strips have good fasteners.”

Photos of our installation sites

Made to measure – Custom led lights

LedStore’s LedPaja manufactures custom-made luminaires for customers. Often, construction sites are busy or it is not possible to build luminaires on site. At LedStore you can order LED strips and profiles ready for installation with spacers and transformers, either for wireless or wall-mounted use. We do both larger quantities and individual implementations. We also contribute to the design of luminaires with our long experience.

Led profiles and led strips fit together

We have a decade of knowledge and experience in LED strip implementations. With experience, we have chosen practical aluminium profiles and matching LED strips to create a wide range of lighting solutions, both direct and indirect. As a work light, as a corridor light, as an ambient light, as an effect light, the LED strip is an individual solution that brings light to any space.

Led drivers and switches for every situation

We have a wide range of both plug-in and fixed power supplies. As systems the customer can have 12V, 24V, DALI, as well as TRIAC dimmable. In addition, 1-10V transformers and push-dim transformers are available. The power supplies are best suited for dimming with wireless VaLO series actuators. Also with EXXACT series dimmers.

High quality products

LedStore products are of high quality! We use only tested and proven components. Our Led strips have high colour rendering indices and all our profiles are made of high quality aluminium. Our transformers are efficient and certified. Reliability and product guarantee 3 or 7 years for led strips, 3, 5 or 7 years for transformers.

I want to try LedStore lights!

Contact sales and we will set up the type of cooperation you want. We are happy to make reseller agreements, allowing you to buy our most popular products either in your own warehouse, or for delivery through us. You can easily get project after project off the ground with our knowledge of our products. If you’d like to come and meet us, you can leave any questions you need answered during the meeting below. We serve business, dealer, and consumer customers in our store.

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