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Our made-to-measure service will provide you with tailor-made LED strip lighting solutions for the kitchen and other areas of your home.

  • Are you thinking about lighting your kitchen with a LED light strip, but there are still some questions to be answered in the design and implementation?
  • Have you considered that the LED list for the kitchen is also suitable for lighting downstairs and on top of the kitchen cupboard?
  • Do you want to implement LED strip lighting in your kitchen according to your vision and dimensions?
  • Do you have enough experience and the right tools/equipment to carry out the project?
  • Are you missing information about installing LED strip lighting in different parts of your kitchen?
  • Want to succeed in kitchen lighting with us?
  • You don’t need your own tools
  • No fussing with small tin joints
  • No waste of LED strip lighting and aluminium profiles
  • No measurement or cutting errors
  • Save time and money
  • You will receive your custom-made/led light strip project ready to use, tested and assembled.
  • You get up to 7 years of performance and product warranty on your work and components.
  • You get professional project implementers.
  • Illuminating a worktop or an intermediate space
  • Lighting the kitchen island
  • Atmospheric kitchen plinth lighting with LEDs
  • Suspendable task light on a worktop
  • Indirect lighting on top of kitchen cabinets
  • The bespoke luminaire is also suitable for other applications, such as
  • High quality lighting around the mirror
  • Flat LED strip lighting for garage or warehouse
  • Indirect lighting in the bathroom
  • Indirect lighting of living room, bedrooms with LED rail

The package includes a HELMEILE 14.4 W/m LED strip and white surface profile, a wireless touch dimmer and a white transformer with plug-in connector. The assembly service includes cutting the LED strip and white surface profile to size, soldering the contact strip and connecting the components to the plug-in transformer with the necessary brackets and terminals, and functionality testing.

197,70 €

The kit includes a colour temperature adjustable CCT strip, a wireless CCT dimmer and an RF transformer with built-in receiver, 1 m spacer cable and a matt aluminium wall profile in one direction. The assembly service includes cutting and joining of the LED strips and profile dimensions, installation of the plug into the transformer, soldering of the intermediate conductor and LED strip, the necessary fasteners and terminals, and functionality testing.

385,40 €

The set includes 17W/m BALANCE LED strip with four parallel LED strips, hanging white profile with suspension wire, dimmable RF transformer, one-piece dimmer button, connecting cable. The mounting service includes cutting, fixing and soldering of the LED strips (4 pieces) and profile, connecting the splice wire and transformer, fixing the end caps and the wire, and testing the functionality.

399,80 €

The set includes HELMEILE 7,2 W/m LED strip, low profile, moisture-proof surface profile, moisture-proof, dimmable transformer with plug, 5 m soldered intermediate cable. A wired dimmer is provided by the customer. The assembly service includes cutting the LED strips and profiles to size, soldering the intermediate conductor and LED strip, the necessary ends and fasteners, and performance testing. Joining of the strip and profile by the customer at the installation site for a total length of 10 metres.

452,30 €

The kit includes an RGB+W Cameleontti LED strip, a low-profile surface, a dimmable colour control button and a plug-in RF transformer. The installation service includes cutting to size of LED strips and profiles and soldering of connecting wires for a total of 2 meters, installation of the plug for the transformer, the necessary terminals and fasteners and functionality testing.

349,90 €


LED strip lighting in the kitchen is easy to implement individually, once you know the dimensions of the space and the wishes of the occupant. The general lighting in the kitchen is often implemented with LED spotlights or LED panels, and the LED strip lighting in the kitchen area is a tailor-made solution. Kitchen ceiling lighting can also be a combination of spotlights and a moody LED strip light that circulates in the groove of the lowered ceiling, nicely defining the space.

A strip light for the kitchen is usually installed under the cabinet in a selected aluminium profile, creating a unique LED strip light in the space between the cabinets. In addition to the LED strip and aluminium profile, the transformer, operating switches and connecting cables are selected according to the installation method.


With LedStore’s LED strips, you can find the right power and, if necessary, moisture-proof option. All our strip lights are dimmable and are always available in a warm 3000K and neutral 4000K option. Many LED ribbons also have the possibility to adjust the colour temperature of the light (CCT ribbon) and a colour-changing RGB+W ribbon, which can also be used in monochrome, e.g. red or blue.

The cutting/soldering points are at different points on different types of LED strip, which should be taken into account in the design. Light strips can only be cut at the points marked on the strip. The most common cut-off distance is 5 centimetres, which is HELMET for our 14.4 W/m tapes, as well as CCT and RGB tapes. FLAT 17 W/m The cutting distance of the tape is 2.5 cm. In our SUPREME led strip, 4,16cm and the longest cut-off distance of 16 cm is the led strip TUNNELMA CCT 7,2W/m.
For the plug and play installation of the LED strip, it is essential that the connectors are in place on the LED strip. Most LED strips come with DC connectors, and there are also a range of different lengths of connecting leads to use if the transformer or power point is far away from the LED strip.
Not all of our LED strips have connecting wires, so soldering is done on the cables at the ends of the strip.


LedStore’s aluminium profiles offer plenty of choice. Combined with different profiles, the LED strip can be surface mounted, recessed or suspended by wire, either one or more strips side by side. The LED profiles are always made of aluminium, so the heat from the LED strip is conducted away from the strip and the installation is durable. The length of the entire LED profile is 2 or 2.5 metres, depending on the model. With our made-to-measure service, we cut the LED profile to the desired centimetre.

We recommend that you make the corners by soldering a short connecting wire between the straight profiles so that the current flows through the strip. For longer runs, we recommend a connecting cable for each straight section separately. It is also possible to saw the profiles into a mitre saw, i.e. sawing at a 45 degree angle, but we recommend that you attach the LED strip to the profile on site.


The choice of transformer depends on the dimming and installation method, as well as the characteristics and quantity of the strip light. The Led strip rail itself is neat and unobtrusive, but you need to reserve a place for the transformer in a cupboard, on top of a cupboard or in a service hatch. Sometimes pulling the wire through the wall is a viable solution, or locating all the transformers in the electrical centre of a dwelling or other space. The more and the more powerful the LED strip used, the bigger the transformer needed.

The installation can be either plugged in or connected to the mains. The installation location will affect the transformer’s need for moisture protection and the length of the connecting cable required. Led strips with colour temperature control or colour changing feature require a specific type of transformer. The most popular option is Zigbee wireless control transformers. Dimmable transformers, or triac transformers, work well when the LED track is used and dimmed from a wall switch. A DALI transformer is needed when the control system is DALI. The non-dimmable transformers work in on/off mode, as well as a pair of wireless dimmers. The transformers with RF receiver are suitable for use with the VaLO series of dimmers.


A wide range of control methods can be used with the Led track. If you just want off and on operation, you can do it with a traditional, wired wall switch. Dimming with a wall switch is also possible. Versatility and dimmability are provided by LedStore’s VaLO family of wireless switches and receivers, which can be freely positioned wherever desired.

The controls mounted on the Led rail, under the profile cover, i.e. the diffuser, are a touch dimmer and a rocker switch. If you want to implement a light bar in the kitchen cabinet, you can also choose between a cabinet sensor and a motion sensor.

With our made-to-measure service, we can also connect the luminaire control system ready for installation if required.


Often the wiring from the LED rail to the power supply requires different sized connecting wires with different connectors. Our plug-in transformers typically have about three metres of wire, with a DC connector at one end and a wall socket (230V) at the other. Our plug-in transformers are non-dimmable dry-state transformers. They are black in colour. In our other transformers, the connecting wires are connected as required.

If necessary, we connect the rails and transformers together with a cable with DC connectors at both ends, or we solder the connecting wires with two or three-pole white furniture cable.

Product warranty and guarantee valid. 3 or 7 years for strip lighting, 3, 5 or 7 years for transformers.

Made-to-measure products are unique, made-to-order units and therefore do not have free exchange and return rights. The customer is responsible for providing the correct measurements in the order. We also carry out measurement / design visits at the customer’s premises.

Led ribbon for kitchen – custom-made projects are assembled at LedPaja with years of experience. The end results are polished and suitable for the most demanding needs.

You can purchase cut-to-size LED strips and LED profiles for self-assembly or order a ready-to-install package. We also carry out measurement and design visits at the customer’s premises. Our service also includes the installation of luminaires.

LedPaja’s made-to-measure products are of high quality! We only use tested and proven components.

LedStore’s LED strips have high colour rendering indices and all our profiles are made of high quality aluminium. Our transformers are efficient and certified, and our control solutions are highly versatile.

How to order easily led strip for kitchen? Just fill in the form below, attach photos of the area you want to illuminate, such as a kitchen plan, and we’ll help you choose the right products. We will provide you with a quote for the complete set you want, and you will receive a price for a ready-to-install set.

With LedStore’s own LediPlan™ calculator, you can also easily calculate how much an LED strip for the kitchen – or even the bathroom – would cost.

We can help you with the design and also provide personal service at LedStore’s store in Koivuhaa, Mesikukantie 16, 01300 Vantaa, Vantaa.

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