Installation service

We offer lamp installation service in PK region

The lamp can be easily installed by calling an installer! Led strips are the most popular installation product. Easily retrofit indirect light into your space or smoothly install lamps on your ceiling.

Led profiles installed quickly and easily

  • Ceiling light installation, hanging (includes removable led lamp).
  • Led lamp installation, hanging (includes fixed led lamp)
  • Led lamp installation, surface mounted led panel.
  • Installation of other ceiling lights, including crystal chandelier (requires two installers)
  • Installation of a Led luminaire in the kitchen (led strip in profile)
  • Installation of Led luminaire directly against the ceiling for indirect light
  • We install LED strips with profiles and other lights that are part of the lighting package.

We make the installations in ready-made positions. With LedPaja, we install custom-made LED rails anywhere in the home, typically in the kitchen for countertop lighting, additional lighting in the living room, etc. In challenging locations, LED strip lights can be made to measure on site.




High quality

How is the lamp installed?

  • Contact us via the form or call
  • Tell us about your needs and we will try to estimate the cost. Usually, of course, it is honestly emotional.
  • Please provide us with more information, e.g. preferably a remote photo of the type of place that requires installation. One picture always says more.
  • If a pendant luminaire is installed on the ceiling, check the luminaire to see if the hook cover needs to be removed. In general, it is not possible to install luminaires on top of the cover.
  • Remove any protective cover and check the fixing points and wiring. I often poured my own sugar. If you could get a picture of these.
  • Arrange an installation time and arrive on site
  • Let’s spread the goods everywhere and get to work
  • In the case of a heavy luminaire, holes (concrete or plaster) must be drilled in the ceiling before hanging the luminaire, and props must be drilled. The lamp is mounted with screws on the props.
  • A lightweight lamp can be screwed directly into the ceiling (plaster), but even a lightweight lamp requires holes in the ceiling if the installation of the lamp requires it.
  • The wires are installed in the sugarcane (this is also where wireless Zigbee installation is possible)
  • Switching on a light
  • When everything is ok with the customer, we clean up the mess and leave with a smile =)

Easy lamp installation for wireless or smart control

No lost remotes, just modern and reliable Zigbee control. Zigbee control refers to the Philips HUE control that many people are familiar with. We make it easy to install the lamp in HUE and the control buttons are available in black and white. The buttons fit standard 55mm frames, so you can neatly install them alongside your old buttons. We also do HUE programming on an hourly basis.

Example prices for the installation service


Led strip installation e.g. refrigerator socket, I-shaped kitchen (two-profile installation). Installation cost 199,00€ incl. travel (max. 50km/way) and 2 hours work, plus small supplies. In addition, there will be LED strips on top.
199 €


Led tape for sauna behind the backrest and under the ceiling. Retrofitting to replace an old slatted lamp. Installation cost 249,00€ incl. travel (max. 50km/way) and 2 hours of work, plus small supplies and equipment housing. In addition, led strips are needed on top.
249 €


Installation of a 5m bi-directional wall profile. Installation cost 249,00€ incl. travel (max. 50km/way) and 2 hours of work, plus small supplies. In addition, LED luminaires are needed.
249 €


Installation of indirect lighting and CCT adjustable spotlights, as well as Zigbee programming for renovation and new build projects. Honestly priced per hour 62€/hour (travel time to the destination is also charged). In addition, there will be led lighting.
62 €



We install the luminaires in ready-made positions. In addition to lighting installations, we can also help with the programming of smart lighting.


We can provide you with LED strips made to measure. The installation of such strips is quick and easy. Below are example prices for installations.

langaton zigbee, philips hue, etc.

Thanks to wireless technologies, we can retrofit the LED strip anywhere, as long as we can get electricity from somewhere. The wireless Zigbee control does not require electricity and can also be connected to your Philips HUE system if you wish!


installation is often electrical work

Bear in mind that you are not allowed to install all the lights yourself. It may sound easy, but with the help of an installer you can do it safely and securely. For large luminaires, two men are often needed.

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