LED pillars

LED pillars and adjustable ground spike led lights for creating that perfect lighting for your garden.
LED pillars

LED pillar lights

LED pillar lights are perfect for lighting pathways and gardens as well as patios. Evenly distriputed led pillars give safety as you can see what is lurking in your back garder. Wouldn't want to run into a bear in the darkness. With led pillars you can easily light your walkways to make it safer as you can see your steps as well as guide visitors to your front door.

Weather resistant

Led pillars are weather resistant as they are poweder coated and made from sturdy aluminium. All our outdoor lights are water resistant, most pillars in IP55-IP65 range.

LED spots

In this cathegory we also have TILT and SPIKE that are adjustable led spots to use in lighting trees, rocks, statues or other features of your garden. These spots give nice, ambient light as the light is mostly used as indirect light, reflecting from a tree or an object. Tilt has also a surface mounting cup, so it can be used installed on a wall or on an eave, to light the wall. 

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  1. Outdoor LED pillar - FUNK PILLAR 1000 black 10W, IP65, 3500K
    • Stylish and effective, light opens wide
    • black
    • 3500K
    • IP55
    • 10W ja 1000 lumen
    In stock 53
  2. Outdoor LED pillar - PILLAR TILT 2, 850mm, black 2x5W, IP65, 3500K
    • Stylish and effective, tiltable lights
    • matte black
    • 3500K
    • IP55
    • 2x5W ja 1000 lumen
    In stock 38
  3. Outdoor LED pillar - KAJO 1000, adjustable, 2*5W, CRI90, IP54, 4000K
    • effective for outdoor, two separately tiltable parts
    • dark grey
    • 4000K
    • IP65
    • 10W and 900 lumens
    In stock 9
  4. Outdoor LED PILLAR 60cm — ROUND, water resistant IP55, 3W, 3000K
    • simple round pillar
    • powder coated steel
    • empty shell for easy connections
    • IP55
    • 250 lumen
    In stock 2
  5. Outdoor LED PILLAR — CUBIC 5W, one direction, 3000K
    • stylish cubic pillar
    • powder coated steel
    • empty shell for easy connections
    • IP55
    • 400 lumen
    In stock 19
  6. Outdoor LED PILLAR — CUBIC 2x5W, two directions, 3000K
    • stylish cubic pillar
    • powder coated steel
    • empty shell for easy connections
    • IP55
    • 2x 400 lumen
    In stock 1
  7. LED groundlight 7W, SPIKE, black, 3000K
    • for garden illumination
    • ground mounting, re-placeable
    • effective, tiltable illumination
    • 230V, water proof
    • matte black
    In stock 7
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