G9 LED bulb

G9 LED bulb

Step into the future with the high efficiency and compact G9 LED bulb.


Compact design, great performance

Discover the excellence of our G9 LED lamps, renowned for their compact size and impressive efficiency. G9 LED lamps are perfect for spaces where sharp, precise lighting is required.

Say goodbye to the typical excessive energy consumption and heat generation of halogen lamps and opt for G9 LED instead!

History of G9 lamps

The history of the G9 bulb base is closely linked to the evolution of halogen lighting technology. G9 bulbs are notable for their compact design, and like G4 bulbs, they have a bi-pin base, but the pins are spaced 9mm apart.

Halogen bulbs were developed during the mid-20th century as an improved version of traditional incandescent light bulbs. The introduction of halogen gas into the bulb allowed for a longer lifespan, higher luminous efficacy, and a smaller, more compact design compared to incandescent bulbs. This new halogen technology paved the way for various new bulb bases and designs, among which the G9 bulb base was introduced.

G9 bulbs became popular during the late 20th century, particularly in Europe, for their compact size and ease of installation. Because of their small size, they were ideally suited for decorative fixtures such as chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces. Their capsule shape also meant that they did not require an additional glass enclosure like traditional incandescent bulbs, allowing for sleeker and more minimalistic light fixture designs.

However, like other halogen bulbs, G9 bulbs were not very energy-efficient and produced a significant amount of heat. This became a concern with the growing awareness of energy conservation and environmental sustainability.

With the advent of LED technology in the 2000s, the G9 also underwent a change. G9 LED lamps began to appear on the market, offering the same compact form factor as halogen G9 lamps but with much better energy efficiency and lower heat output. The G9 position is not perfect.

The small size of the bulb poses a challenge for G9 bulbs, as there is no room for cooling, so the G9 LED will be a temporary solution until the G9 is phased out and replaced by solid LEDs that can be attached to a metal frame.

What is the base of the G9 lamp?

The G9 lamp holder is characterised by two pins every 9mm and is  primary used with 230V.

Product features

Compact and versatile

G9 LED lamps are incredibly compact, making them an excellent choice for luminaires where space is limited.

Energy efficient and cool to the touch

Unlike halogen lamps, G9 LED lamps consume a fraction of the energy and stay cool even after prolonged use.

Excellent lifetime

Our G9 LED lamps have an impressive lifetime, significantly reducing the need to replace lamps frequently.

Excellent colour rendering

Experience vivid colours and sharp details thanks to the high colour rendering index of our G9 LED lamps.

Comparison table: G9 LED vs. G9 halogen


feature G9 LED lamps G9 halogen lamps
Energy consumption Low (up to 80% less) High
Lifetime (hours) 15,000 - 30,000 2,000 - 4,000
Heat production Low High
Colour Rendering Index High Medium
Dimming characteristics Available Limited
Environmental impact Lower (less energy use) Higher (more energy use)


G9 LED lamps are versatile and can be used for:

  • Cabinet lighting in kitchens and work areas
  • In desk lamps for targeted task lighting
  • Corporate luminaires for accent lighting
  • Vitrines for highlighting goods

Installation and maintenance

Easy installation

G9 LED lamps have two pins. Installation is simply a matter of inserting the pins into the corresponding socket and ensuring that the lamp is securely attached.

Simple maintenance

G9 LED lamps require very little maintenance. Make sure they are dust-free by cleaning them occasionally with a soft cloth.

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  1. LED G9 dimmable bulb, 2,5W, high CRI90, 360°, 3000K
    • bulb to replace halogen
    • use for kitchen hood, mirror cabinet, bookshelf
    • 230V, 3000K or 4000K
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  2. LED G9 dimmable bulb, 2,5W, high CRI90, 360°, 4000K
    • bulb to replace halogen
    • use for kitchen hood, mirror cabinet, bookshelf
    • 230V, 3000K or 4000K
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