Ledstore’s services for builders and renovators are very popular. We offer something for everyone. Feel free to get in touch!

Building or renovating?

Olohuoneen CCT-säädettävän katto- ja seinävalaistuksen voi laittaa päälle erikseen, joten valaistustunnelma on helppo luoda halutunlaiseksi. © LedStore
The renovation site. The CCT adjustable ceiling and wall lighting in the living room can be switched on separately, making it easy to create the lighting mood you want. © LedStore

Lighting offer

We have LED luminaires for both indoor and outdoor use. You don’t have to go it alone, we’ll be happy to help you choose the right luminaires for your project. Contact our customer service and we will provide you with a quote for your lighting needs. Just send us a floor plan or a list of fixtures – we will calculate your quote based on them (floor plans in PDF, JPG or PNG format). For all builders and renovators!

Calls for tenders:
Email: tarjouslaskenta@ledstore.fi
Tel: +358 0)45 262 1331

Lighting design

We also do lighting design with a price range of 0-599€ TOTAL for all builders, where we will work with you to find the lighting solution that meets your lighting needs and requirements. The lighting plan should be done before the electrical plan. This saves you time and money, as the electrical designer simply copies the lighting points from your lighting plan.

  • Consultation 0€
  • Basic design 99€ 2-4 months
  • LONG design 199€ 5-10 days
  • KIIRE design 399€ 48 hours
  • Interior design 599€

You can find out more about our lighting design service HERE.

Email: myynti@ledstore.fi
Tel: +358 0)45 251 4510

Custom made led profiles

At LedPaja we manufacture all kinds of led projects. Our most popular products are kitchen partition lights and led lights for sauna. We also do a lot of indirect light projects. So you don’t have to know everything yourself. We prepare:

  • Indirect lights
  • Shelf lights
  • Plinth lights
  • Lights in the kitchen area
  • Sauna lights
  • and much more!

You can try our calculator HERE.

Calls for tenders:
Email: paja@ledstore.fi
Tel: +358 (0)41 311 7717

Installation service

The installation service installs the LED strips and LED panels. A favourite is the replacement of the lights in the kitchen area with their sockets. We operate within a 50 km radius of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Our services include.

  • Replacement of lights and sockets in the intermediate kitchen area
  • Sauna led strip installation
  • Plinth lighting installation
  • Wardrobe lights
  • Light panels on the ceiling
  • We offer Zigbee trainings
  • And much more!

More information about the installation service HERE.

Requests for quotation:
Email: info@ledstore.fi
Tel: +358 (0)50 598 7101