LedStore story

LedStore story

The basis of LedStore’s range is formed by LED luminaires, which we have designed and manufactured ourselves, in part or in full, in factories of our choice. These products are marked with our own Designed in Finland label. For the rest of the products that we take under the LedStore.fi brand, we only choose products with the highest quality components, meaning that the technical features of the products are not compromised. We are constantly striving to improve the performance of our LED luminaires, and we can maintain long warranty periods.

Action started with a love of building

I have built and still build houses as a hobby, so in 2007, when I was planning a house, the idea came to me. I can’t stand the heat generated by halogens, the protective caps that have to be fitted and the lowering they require. For the house under construction, it was decided to use LED lighting as a solution to this problem. But where do the products come from? As there were no dimmable, thin (less than 60mm) and efficient LED lights on the market, they had to be developed in-house.

So the development work started from a need for myself and since then I have developed and produced products for Finnish builders. All development work is done from a builder’s and layman’s perspective. Let the engineers figure out how to implement the idea technically. The light that met my quality and functionality requirements came to me after rotating through 8 different factory models. Since then, these spotlights have been in use since that day without any failure.

LedStore steps

The installation of lights LED lights was easy (no fire protection requirements) and since there were no similar products in Finland and Europe, I thought other builders would also need them. So let’s start an online shop! The online store was opened in 2010 under the name of another company and incorporated as a separate company in 2011.


LedStorefi_myymala_Puutarhatiellä - LedStore
LedStorefi store on Puutarhatije
  • 2010 Started operations in a small 10m2 booth on Tikkurilantie.
  • 2012 I moved to Unikkotie on the roof of the Prisma 35m2.
  • 2013 We moved to 70m2 premises in Niittytie and put the main warehouse into use.
  • In spring 2015 we completed our own premises on Puutarhatie 90m2, where we built a proper showroom and pick-up storage.
  • In early 2018, we bought and renovated the existing, larger premises on Mesikukantie, where we had both the store and the entire warehouse under the same 400m2 roof.

I quickly realised that people also needed help with the design, so I started offering lighting design services to boost sales.

Since then, I have designed hundreds of private houses with our luminaires. In 2014, we decided to put a nominal price on the design to be credited for purchases and a couple of photos. Since then, we have found that lighting design makes for happier customers and lighting fixtures that serve their intended purpose properly, and we were the first in Finland to make the design free of charge, while still maintaining high quality.

Of course, not more than a year later, we noticed the service was being abused and refunded the lighting design service a nominal fee. Since then, we have also hired an Interior Architect (SIO) to help us design interior support solutions.

I worked alone for the first 3 years and in 2013 I took on my first assistant, who then changed to Liisa in early 2015. Liisa has a long experience in lighting and design and Facebook. So in 2015, we finally got Facebook and Instagram pages and content. We have also increased our e-commerce and communication skills. Today, in 2020, there are four of us at LedStore to help you with your ordering, design and product needs. In addition, we have our own online shop assistant, graphic designer and financial person.

Some of the first things we have done in Finland

  • 2009 under 50mm and +600 lumen LED downlights
  • Dimmable LED products from the first half of 2009
  • 2010 Lighting design free of charge
  • 2011 11mm thin panel luminaires
  • 2012 led tube compatible with chokes and electronic igniters
  • 2013 warranty 5 years
  • 2013 LED-BJ33/BUDJETTI first in its price class!
    • 8W COB led, light from one point instead of three
    • 600 lumen
    • +85 CRI
    • height only 45mm
    • dimmable
  • 2014 downlights with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90
  • 2015 Dotless led strip with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 93
  • 2015 led panels (for consumers) with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95
  • 2016 led bulbs (for consumers) with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95-97
  • 2016 led downlights (for consumers) with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 92
  • 2017 led spots with replaceable luminaire module, ModLed (CRI) is 97
  • 2017 VaLO wireless light control product family compatible with the entire range on sale
  • 2018 led strip with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 98 and a seven-year guarantee
  • 2019 downlights with colour temperature control (CCT), spotlights with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 98.
  • 2019 Warranty 7 years for the CCT downlight family
  • 2020 Light Colour Temperature Controlled (CCT) wall light XL Cubic with high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 92, dimmable
  • 2021 We technically unified CCT downlights and CCT led strips to work on the same system.
  • 2023 We won the prestigious ADesignAward for our Ambiance CCT product family

Jannen’s theses

1. There needs to be more luxury in life

Dimness, energy efficiency and durability are important features of our luminaires. Most of our range is fully dimmable and our 5-7 year guarantee (depending on the luminaire) is a testament to our durability. The dimming creates a much-needed ambience and increases user comfort. A large number of our products are also suitable for use in humid environments thanks to their IP44 rating. They create modern, dimmable and romantic lighting for your bathroom too.

2. Nature should be green

Nature is the cradle of well-being and we want it to remain its own, wonderful self. There’s nothing like the feeling of a sunset over a green forest and clear water. LedStore protects nature’s values by selling only energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting. We only sell LED lighting, as it has a lower life-cycle impact on nature than other lighting technologies. We directly reuse more than 90% of the packaging material without any factory processing and the aluminium we use is 90% recycled!

3. Nothing to compromise on

We will not give up on intransigence. We don’t compromise on quality, safety, finish or price. Our luminaires are carefully tested and cannot be found on the TUKES list of dangerous LED lights by searching for “Led” on the TUKES website. In other words, there is no risk of electric shock or fire. Our guarantee covers at least three years and up to five years. Our prices are affordable and you don’t have to compromise (and you can’t, unless you’re prepared to start every coffee table conversation by praising LedStore and posting great photos of your lights interior).

4. Luxury doesn’t always cost a fortune

Luxury is not just for millionaires. Because there are luxuries that don’t cost a fortune and pay for themselves. It sounds unbelievable, but that’s what customers have told us. The electricity company was the bill payer. Lighting is no small part of your home’s electricity consumption, so the drop is really being felt. The average payback period (compared to halogen) is less than four years, with four hours of daily use.

Modern time-of-day temperature control and infinitely variable dimming and temperature control means that the light responds to and supports the natural rhythm of the human body.