Led bollards

LED bollards for driveway or garden

LedStore's LED bollards offer a stylish and efficient solution for outdoor lighting. The bollards are ideal for illuminating yards, paths, driveways and other outdoor spaces. They are vertical luminaires that create beautiful lighting effects and increase safety.

LED Bollard Lights Features

LEDStore offers a wide range of bollard luminaires. There are different models available, designed for different applications.

For example, the LED BOLLARD LAMP - BOLLARD CIRCLE 600, 3W, 3000K is a clearly designed circular bollard lamp that is suitable for a wide range of environments, the most popular being piers and beach areas.

LED BOLLAR LAMP - PILLAR TILT 2, 850MM, BLACK, 2X5W, IP65, 3500K is a powerful and stylish bollard luminaire with individually directional lighting.

LED BOLLAR LAMP FUNK, is a great choice for a modern urban environment. It illuminates in only 3 directions, so when installed on the edge of a property it keeps the neighbours happy because it doesn't illuminate their property.

Materials and colours of LED bollard lights

Our bollard lights are made of durable materials, aluminium and steel. The luminaires can withstand the challenges of the outdoors. The luminaires are available in different colours, such as black and grey, so you can choose the colour that suits your outdoor space. The paintwork is powder coated to resist dents.

Installation and use of LED bollard lights

LED bollard lights are easy to install and use. They are recommended for installation on a concrete slab and can be connected directly to mains power. Our bollard lights are 230V, making them easy to install and use.

Durability and safety of LED bollard lights

All LedStore bollard lights are IP55 or IP65 rated, which means they are dustproof and resistant to the challenges of nature

Energy efficiency of LED bollard luminaires

LED bollard luminaires are highly energy efficient, making them an environmentally friendly choice. They consume less energy than conventional luminaires, saving you money in the long run.

Explore LedStore's wide range of LED bollard luminaires and find the right solution for your needs!


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  1. Outdoor LED PILLAR 60cm — ROUND, water resistant IP55, 3W, 3000K
    • simple round pillar
    • powder coated steel
    • empty shell for easy connections
    • IP55
    • 250 lumen
    In stock 2
  2. Outdoor LED pillar - PILLAR TILT 2, 850mm, black 2x5W, IP65, 3500K
    • Stylish and effective, tiltable lights
    • matte black
    • 3500K
    • IP55
    • 2x5W ja 1000 lumen
    In stock 23
  3. Outdoor LED PILLAR — CUBIC 5W, one direction, 3000K
    • stylish cubic pillar
    • powder coated steel
    • empty shell for easy connections
    • IP55
    • 400 lumen
    In stock 19
  4. Outdoor LED PILLAR — CUBIC 2x5W, two directions, 3000K
    • stylish cubic pillar
    • powder coated steel
    • empty shell for easy connections
    • IP55
    • 2x 400 lumen
    In stock 1
  5. Outdoor LED pillar - FUNK PILLAR 1000 black 10W, IP65, 3500K
    • Stylish and effective, light opens wide
    • black
    • 3500K
    • IP55
    • 10W ja 1000 lumen
    In stock 41
  6. Outdoor LED pillar - KAJO 1000, adjustable, 2*5W, CRI90, IP54, 4000K
    • effective for outdoor, two separately tiltable parts
    • dark grey
    • 4000K
    • IP65
    • 10W and 900 lumens
    In stock 9
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