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We offer lighting design and consulting to help you to plan better and avoid mistakes. Good planning saves time and gives you new ideas on lighting your home. We aim at having enough light indoors and in the garden as well as having adjustability in the light levels. We know our products in and out and have a good understanding in which lights to use to suit your needs. We also take different structures into consideration.


Why order lighting design from LedStore?

  • If you already have an electrical plan, you can start with a free consultation.
  • Our lighting design is very inexpensive and starts from only 99€.
  • You get a professional insight in lighting your home.
  • The process is made easy to save your time.
  • You can get the lighting design quickly, if necessary!
  • There are no obligations to buy from us, but we trust you like our products!
  • Lighting design is made based on your needs and likes

What does our lighting design include?

  • New ideas of lighting as well as tips for execution.
  • Comprehensive information of the used lights.
  • Lighting design helps the electrical engineer to plan the wiring.
  • We make approximate calculations on light levels needed in different spaces.
  • You get an offer for all the lights drawn on the lighting design.
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What does a lighting designer take into account?

The lighting designer takes into account the characteristics of all the interior and exterior spaces in your home. For lighting design, a floor plan, as well as any sketches, plus any photographs, will be useful and will help the designer to achieve a good result. The client’s wishes and preferences are always taken into account in the individual design.

Lighting design for a detached house

Lighting design for a private house is our most common design task. Home lighting can be of many types, and a good lighting design will take into account the varying solutions for lighting a living room and kitchen-dining room, for example. In addition, outdoor courtyard street lighting can be implemented as intended by incorporating outdoor lighting design into the overall design.

What is lighting efficiency?

Adequate lighting efficiency depends on how the space is used. For example, the amount of light needed in the living room is less than in the kitchen because of the different uses. The amount of light needed for a kitchen worktop should be at least 500 lux. When choosing lighting, the height of the room and the colour of the materials should also be taken into account: the higher and darker the room, the more efficient the lighting should be.

What do the finished designs look like?

Below you will find photos of the sites where interior and task lighting has been designed. Lighting in the kitchen, living room, hallway, bathroom, toilets, utility room and hobby rooms is important, so a home lighting plan should be drawn up for all areas.

Lighting Design, Prices and whats included

Lighting design for a home like home. We are affordable and high quality! When building or renovating, it is essential to pay attention to lighting. We want you to succeed and enjoy good, quality lighting! Click on the headings below to explore our five different lighting design options.

Free consultations are available for small renovation projects like bathroom, sauna or living room. We can also comment electrical lighting plans and see if there is something we would do differently.

We can suggest a light layout on your floorplan here at the shop, drawing by hand on the plans. We recommend you send us all relevant pictures beforehand (jpg, pdf, png-format). and if possible, make an appointment so we can make sure we are available for a longer meeting when you come. All this is offered free of charge.

Consultations on customers premises is available (max. 50km radius from Vantaa shop) and is charged 62€/h, travel time included.

If you wish to require computer drawn lighting design with complete commentary and reference pictures, we highly recommend you to order either this lighting design or, if in a hurry, one of the two speedier choices.

We draw the lighting plan on the floor plan you have provided. To ensure good lighting design, we would also like to get cutaway and façade drawings. There are some things that might not be visible on the floor plan but be visible in other drawings (ladder being the most common). We request you to submit all drawings and pictures in pdf, jpg or png format.

Lighting design includes information (product cards) of suggested lights, some reference pictures of how the installation might look after completion, and depending on the designer, comments by position and sometimes also structural pictures for installation. We use up to 10h on planning, so the design is well thought out and a bargain as the price is only 99€. Planning also includes a quote for prices of lights and desired components to complete your project.

Best result is achieved when all drawings are from final plans. This tier includes two correction rounds and if that is exceeded, we will charge 50€ per correction round. Completion time for lighting design is 2-4 weeks.

Sometimes time seems to run out, so we have the option to order fast delivery with the price of 199€. No need to travel for planning meetings as everything can be done online. You are always welcome to come see our lights and different installations here at our shop!

Completion time for lighting design in this tier is 5-10 weekdays. Be sure to check your e-mail regularly to make sure the project stays in schedule. Depending on the project size, you time contribution is estimated to be approximately 1-3 hours (from start to finish).

This tier includes two correction rounds and if that is exceeded, we will charge 50€ per correction round.

Don’t panic! There is the speed of light option on our lighting design. Cut the queue and get your lighting design done fast, in only 48h! Designing starts immediately and first version is ready in just two workdays. We can also make sure that all the needed lights are in stock for those renovation projects moving fast.

As these lighting designs are commonly made off-hours, the charge is 399€. This tier includes two correction rounds and if that is exceeded, we will charge 50€ per correction round.

Want to make lighting part of your interior design? We offer lighting design made by an interior designer (SIO) at the price of 599€. For this tier, the designer will inquire your preferences on interior design more to achieve a balanced outcome. The light can be made more of a part of the architectural look of the interior.

This tier includes three correction rounds and if that is exceeded, we will charge 50€ per correction round. As this option needs more planning, the estimated completion time is 2-4 weeks.

Lighting design is seen as a luxury, so it is pushed to the electrician to make. Sometimes it works out ok, but sometimes you end up with just one light spot in the middle of the room. In modern times, this is rarely desired. You can make your plans better, even with the free consultation!

All lighting designs are professionally made, with years of experience. All lighting designs have at least two free correction rounds and if that is exceeded, we will charge 50€ per correction round. Light offers are mainly made after the first correction round, unless you have ordered fast delivery or speed of light option.

You can avoid crucial mistakes and disappointments by ordering the lighting design form us.

We recommend you to get to know our reference pictures that we have plenty online.

Our customers love to see reference pictures of our completed designs so we cladly accept all pictures of your project! If your sight is near Helsinki metropolitan area, we are interested in coming in with a professional photographer to document the completed project. More information form

outdoor lighting

Well planned outdoor lighting will add value to your home.


bathroom lighting

Diverse lighting helps you to adjust the lighting levels by need.

foyer lighting

Let the well-planned lighting and quality lights welcome you home.


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If you want to read our thoughts in more detail, read our blog for example Lighting design for a detached house to help you choose the right light bulbs We deal with a wide range of questions such as: what should you consider when designing lighting for a detached house? In another guide-style article, What are the factors that influence home lighting design? we also cover a wide range of lighting options for different rooms and give product tips on using LedStore lights.

Click on the image below to read more about our lighting design for a new project that incorporated Zigbee smart lighting with Philips Hue and wall switch control.

Monipuolinen ja värilämpötilasäädettävä valaistus avoimessa olohuone-keittiössä © LedStore
Monipuolinen ja värilämpötilasäädettävä valaistus avoimessa olohuone-keittiössä © LedStore

Lightin design - See made designs

Check out the links below to see the completed design projects. We have put together a few examples of lighting designs by Liisa and photos of completed projects. Janne and Harriet also do lighting designs. You can see all the completed and photographed projects in our reference gallery. We have written about lighting design on our own blog, as well as on

The plans in the links below are in low resolution. Customers will always receive high-resolution pdfs. Each designer has their own strengths and working methods, so the presentation will vary slightly.

We also provide design assistance to renovation and electrical contractors and interior designers, for example, when they want a functional end result with new LED solutions.

Pohjapiirros - Tekninen piirustus
Pohjapiirros - Tekninen piirustus

Fill lighting design request form

You can easily get the project started by leaving us basic information about your needs on the form. You can fill in only the sections that are clear. We will select the most suitable designer for your project and respond to design requests without delay. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk on the form. We will only charge you for the design once it is complete.

Janne Halttu, lighting designer, owner-entrepreneur of LedStore. Over 10 years of experience in construction and renovation, lighting design and everything lighting related 🙂, 050 598 7101

Valaistussuunnittelija Janne Halttu, Lamppukauppa Led Store Oy

Liisa Korhonen, Lighting designer, Master of Arts in 3D product design (MA in Design). Lighting design and project management with over 15 years of experience., 044 491 0237

Valaistussuunnittelija Liisa Korhonen, Lamppukauppa Led Store Oy

Harriet Währn, sisustusarkkitehti, SIO. interior architect, SIO. In lighting design, specialised in interior design. Less than 5 years working in lighting., 045 251 4511

Valaistussuunnittelija Harriet Währn Lamppukauppa Led Store Oy

Sanna Salmela, lighting consultations. Over 5 years of experience in lighting consultancy with LED lighting., 045 262 1331

Valaistusneuvoja Sanna Salmela, Lamppukauppa Led Store Oy