E40 LED bulb

E40 LED Bulbs

Illuminate Large Spaces with Our Powerful and Energy-Efficient E40 LED Bulbs.


High-Capacity Lighting Reimagined

Welcome to our E40 LED bulbs, designed to offer powerful illumination for large spaces while maintaining exceptional energy efficiency. With their robust E40 base, these bulbs are ideal for commercial and industrial applications, as well as large residential spaces that demand high-lumen output without compromising on energy savings.

History of E40 Bulbs

The E40 bulb, often referred to as GES or Giant Edison Screw, features a base diameter of 40mm. The term 'E' denotes Edison, named after the famous inventor Thomas Edison. E40 bulbs have traditionally been used in high-intensity applications such as street lights, high bay lights, and other industrial applications due to their capacity to support high wattages.

With the advancements in LED technology, E40 bulbs evolved into E40 LED variants, which offer the same high-intensity illumination but with significantly lower energy consumption and a longer lifespan.

Product Features

High Lumen Output

E40 LED bulbs are designed for applications that require bright illumination. They offer a high lumen output, making them perfect for illuminating large areas.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

With E40 LED bulbs, experience dramatic reductions in energy consumption compared to traditional high-wattage bulbs, without sacrificing brightness.

Long-Lasting Performance

Enjoy the reliability and durability of our E40 LED bulbs, which boast an average lifespan of over 35,000 hours, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Versatility in Color Temperatures

From bright, daylight white to warmer tones, our E40 LED bulbs come in various color temperatures to suit the requirements of different environments.


E40 LED bulbs are extremely versatile and are particularly popular for:

  • Industrial spaces such as warehouses and factories
  • Outdoor street and area lighting
  • High-ceiling interiors such as auditoriums and event halls
  • Large residential spaces that require bright illumination

Comparison between LED and HPS BULB

Feature 50W E40 LED Bulb High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Bulb
Energy Consumption 50W ~70W (for comparable light output)
Lumens (Light Output) ~5,000 - 6,000 lm ~6,000 lm (70W HPS)
Efficiency (Lumens/Watt) ~100 - 120 lm/W ~85 lm/W (70W HPS)
Lifespan (Hours) ~25,000 - 50,000 hours ~16,000 - 24,000 hours
Color Rendering Index 80-95 (High) 20-30 (Low)
Heat Generation Low Medium
Dimmable Yes (select models) No
Light Color Various (Warm to Cool) Yellow-Orange
Initial Cost Higher Lower
Long-Term Cost Lower (energy savings and less frequent replacement) Higher (higher energy consumption and more frequent replacement)
Warm-Up Time Instant-on Slow (several minutes to full brightness)

Please note that the values in the table are approximate and can vary based on specific models and brands of the bulbs. High-Pressure Sodium bulbs are generally more efficient in terms of lumens per watt compared to other conventional bulbs, but they have poor color rendering and are less versatile compared to LED bulbs.

Installation and Care

Straightforward Installation

E40 LED bulbs feature a screw-in base. Ensure the fixture is compatible with E40 base and simply screw the bulb into the socket.

Minimal Maintenance

Due to their long lifespan, E40 LED bulbs require very little maintenance. Regularly clean them with a soft cloth to maintain optimal performance.

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  1. LED Elliptical bulb E40 — clear, CRI85, 50W, 6000Lm 4000K
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    • large E40 base
    • non dimmable
    • 6000 lumen 50W highly effective
    • for outdoor fixtures
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