G4 LED Bulb

G4 LED Bulbs

Step Into the Future with Our High-Efficiency, Compact G4 LED Bulbs.


Compact Design, Mighty Performance

Discover the excellence of our G4 LED bulbs, renowned for their compact size and impressive output. G4 LED bulbs are perfect for spaces requiring crisp, focused lighting.

Say goodbye to excessive energy consumption and heat generation typical of halogen bulbs, and embrace the advanced performance of our G4 LED range.

History of G4 Bulbs

The history of the G4 bulb base is intertwined with the development of halogen bulbs, which represent an evolution of incandescent bulbs.

The G4 base was introduced as a response to the need for compact lighting solutions, particularly in specialized applications like task lighting, accent lighting, and display lighting. Because of their small size and pin base, G4 bulbs became popular for fixtures where space was at a premium or where focused, intense light was required.

As halogen bulbs started to gain popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, the G4 base became a standard for low-voltage halogen bulbs. These bulbs were widely used in various applications such as desk lamps, under-cabinet lights, and decorative fixtures.

However, traditional G4 halogen bulbs were not without their flaws. They consumed a significant amount of energy and generated a lot of heat, which made them less efficient and sometimes impractical for certain applications.

With the advent of LED technology in the 21st century, the G4 base underwent  transformation. LED bulbs with G4 bases began to appear on the market, providing the same compact form factor as halogen G4 bulbs but with much better energy efficiency and lower heat generation.

What is G4 bulb base?

The G4 bulb base is characterized by two pins spaced 4 mm apart, and it is primarily used for low-voltage applications (usually 12V).

Product Features

Compact and Versatile

G4 LED bulbs are incredibly compact, making them an excellent choice for fixtures with space constraints.

Energy Efficient and Cool-Running

Unlike their halogen counterparts, G4 LED bulbs use a fraction of the energy and stay cool to the touch, even after prolonged use.

Superior Lifespan

Our G4 LED bulbs boast an impressive lifespan, significantly reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Vivid Color Rendering

Experience vibrant colors and sharp details with the high color rendering index of our G4 LED bulbs.

Comparison Table: G4 LED vs. G4 Halogen

Feature G4 LED Bulbs G4 Halogen Bulbs
Energy Consumption Low (up to 80% less) High
Lifespan (hours) 15,000 - 30,000 2,000 - 4,000
Heat Generation Low High
Color Rendering Index High Medium
Dimming Capabilities Available Limited
Environmental Impact Lower (less energy use) Higher (more energy use)


G4 LED bulbs are versatile and can be used in:

  • Under-cabinet lighting in kitchens and workspaces
  • Desk lamps for focused task lighting
  • Decorative fixtures for accent lighting
  • Display cases for highlighting merchandise

Installation and Care

Hassle-free Installation

G4 LED bulbs feature two pins. To install, simply insert the pins into the corresponding socket and ensure the bulb is secure.

Simple Maintenance

G4 LED bulbs require little maintenance. Ensure they are free of dust with occasional cleaning using a soft cloth.

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  1. LED G4 dimmable bulb 12V, 2W, high CRI95, 360°, 3000K
    • bulb to replace halogen
    • use for kitchen hood, mirror cabinet, bookshelf
    • 12V
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  2. LED G4 dimmable bulb 12V, 2W, high CRI95, 360°, 4000K
    • bulb to replace halogen
    • use for kitchen hood, mirror cabinet, bookshelf
    • 12V
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