LedStore showroom and contact details

LedStore showroom

Led light and Lamp shop Led Store, real customer service at store

Store, warehouse and showroom located in Koivuhaka, behind the office of Vantaa Energy in Vantaa. LedStore has free parking in its own yard, with space for six customer vehicles.

All our products are on display in the shop, so it is easy to compare light colours (Kelvin) and light efficiency (lumen output), for example. Also on display, installed lighting solutions for the living room, kitchen, bathroom-sauna, toilet and gym. Our warehouse is located next to the shop, where we keep all products ready to go. Our shop is for dealers as well as business and consumer customers.

With more than ten years of expertise, we serve you in all aspects of LED lighting. We carry out LED lighting design for homes and business premises with our lighting design service and assemble bespoke LED strip lighting from our own products at LedPaja.

Visiting address and contact details of LedStore:

Lamps Led Store Oy
Mesikukantie 16
01300 VANTAA

The shop is open 12.8.2022 – 31.5.2023:

Monday 08.30 – 15.30
Tuesday 08.30 – 17.00
Wednesday 08.30 – 17.00
Thursday 08.30 – 17.00
Friday 08.30 – 15.30
Saturday 10:00 – 14:00

Closed on Saturdays during the summer

You can always visit the shop without an appointment to see the products and get inspiration and ideas for LED lighting. Lighting designs in store preferably by appointment.

Payment by card at the shop’s payment terminal (most common debit and credit cards) or by invoice if agreed.

You can also order online and collect from our shop.

LedStore staff

Ask us for advice on all your LED lighting needs. You can call us at the numbers below, or directly at the shop on 045 251 4510.

Lighting design enquiries (Janne, Harriet, Liisa) centrally from the website:


LedPaja custom order enquiries and orders (Marko) from the website:


Janne Halttu, Valaistussuunnittelija, Yrittäjä - LedStore

Janne Halttu, LedStore.fi entrepreneur who has built 4 detached houses for his family and renovated several properties. 20 years of construction experience has given me a lot of knowledge about structures, and for several houses, electrical work. I have been working with LED lighting for more than 10 years. I am an expert in Led lighting, I write articles and I am a lighting designer. I often help clients with electrical and structural issues related to lighting and house construction.

info@ledstore.fi, 050 598 7101

Valaistussuunnittelija Liisa Korhonen, Lamppukauppa Led Store Oy - LedStore

Liisa Korhonen, Lighting Designer, Master of Arts in 3D Product Design (MA in Design). Lighting design and project management with over 15 years of experience.

myynti@ledstore.fi, 044 491 0237

Harriet Währn, SIO - LedStore

Harriet Währn, Interior Designer, SIO. In lighting design, specialising in interior design. Working in lighting for less than 5 years.

yritysmyynti@ledstore.fi, 045 251 4511

Valaistusneuvoja Sanna Salmela, Lamppukauppa Led Store Oy - LedStore

Sanna Salmela, Lighting blogger at LedStore since 2016. Marketing, sales and communications background since 2006. I love how, article by article, we are bringing our lighting expertise to the public, opening up the world of light and its possibilities.

tarjouslaskenta@ledstore.fi, 045 262 1331

Marko Kovero, Ammattimies paikallaan - LedStore

Marko Kovero, installer, Everywhere all at once. An accurate electrician with a background in installation. Builds a lot in his spare time and always cleans up after himself (including the rest of us).

paja@ledstore.fi, 041 311 7717

Maxim, Verkkovelho - LedStore

Maxim Pisanov, Network wizard. Responsible for technology


Vili Korhonen, Graafinen suunnittelija - LedStore

Vili Korhonen, our Graphic Designer, no relation to Liisa =). 10 years of experience in graphic design.

vili@ledstore.fi, 044 977 1713

LedStore’s billing contact details for distributors and partners:

Lamp store Led Store Oy, business ID 2397383-3

Operator: Apix Messaging 003723327487

Verkkolaskuosoite: 003723973833

OVT ID: 003723973833

We hope that you will send your invoices as e-invoices.