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  • SCHNEIDER EXXACT DIMMER RC 370W WHITE: The perfect choice for controlling the brightness of your lighting. Max 200W LED.
  • SCHNEIDER EXXACT SWITCH SINGLE STAIRCASE QUICK CONNECTION WHITE: A classic choice for simple lighting solutions, easy to install.

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We provide comprehensive instructions and support for all our products, ensuring you can get your lighting just right.

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  1. Schneider Exxact Dimmer RC 370W White
    • LED dimmer
    • Max 200W LED / 370W other load
    • White EXXACT, 55mm internal
    • RC/Trailing Edge
    • N: 26 221 44, WDE002306
    In stock 20
  2. Schneider Exxact Switch Single Quick-Connection White
    • Basic rocker switch, with quick connectors
    • Impulse spring for PUSH-DIM button!
    • Stylish shape, EXXACT series
    • Push switch, 6-switch
    • sn: 21 011 44, WDE002992
    In stock 20
  3. Schneider Exxact Impulse Spring for Exxact/Renova/Trend
    • Impulse spring
    • PUSHDIM function on rocker switch
    • Multifunctional
    • Suitable for: EXXACT, Renova, Trend
    • SN: 21 125 34, WDE002027
    In stock 10
  4. Schneider Exxact Transistor Dimmer 40-1000W White
    • LED dimmer for COLD load
    • LED dimmer for COLD load
    • White EXXACT, 55mm inner
    • RC/Trailing Edge
    • sn: 26 220 07, WDE002715
    In stock 2
  5. Schneider Exxact Double Switch, Quick-Connection, White
    • Basic double rocker switch with quick connectors
    • Impulse spring for PUSH-DIM button!
    • Stylish shape, EXXACT series
    • 6-switch
    • E: 1820119, WDE002217
    In stock 10
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