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LEDStore offers high-quality wall sockets suitable for all needs – whether it’s for home, office, or industrial environments.

Our Selection of Wall Sockets

  • SCHNEIDER EXXACT WALL SOCKET INNER PART SINGLE UN-GROUNDED WHITE: Sleek and flat design that fits into any space.
  • SCHNEIDER EXXACT CORNER SOCKET DOUBLE GROUNDED WHITE: Practical and efficient design that offers extra comfort and safety.

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Quality and Durability

All our products are tested and reliable, we guarantee the best possible quality and longevity.

Design and Functionality

Modern designs that seamlessly integrate into your space while providing high functionality.

Easy Installation

Installation options for all types of environments, including both in-wall and surface-mounted models.

Customer Service and Support

If you have any questions about our products or installation, our knowledgeable team is ready to assist.

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  1. Schneider Exxact Socket Inner Part Single Unearthed White
    • White socket
    • One-piece model
    • Extremely low profile
    • Stylish, EXXACT series
    • sn: 25 300 00, WDE002171
    In stock 20
  2. Schneider Exxact Double Socket, Slanted, Grounded, White
    • 2-piece socket
    • EXXACT series
    • Slanted sockets
    • Efficient shape
    • sn: 25 301 21, WDE002586
    In stock 10
  3. Schneider Exxact Triple Corner Socket, Grounded, White
    • 3-piece socket
    • EXXACT series
    • 45 degree sockets
    • Efficient shape
    • sn: 24 004 26, WDE008290
    In stock 10
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