Suspended LED light fixture — RINKELI 60cm, 38W, CRI92, dimmable

Led RINK 60cm is a minimalist and sleek Light that is suitable for lighting homes as well as offices. The Light produces 3800 lumens of light with a power of 38W, making it bright. Fortunately, it is also dimmable, allowing the atmosphere of the space to be adjusted and the use to be more versatile. The height of the Light from the ceiling can be adjusted between 20 cm and 150 cm.


Led RINK 60cm is a minimalist and graceful light, suitable not only for homes but also for offices. The 38W light produces 3800 lumens of light, making it a bright light. Fortunately, it is also dimmable, which allows you to adjust the atmosphere of your space and makes it more versatile.

The light has a matt white painted body and a junction box (with a sugar cube, not a plug). The light can be dimmed with dimmers for wired LED lights, such as the Schnerider EXXACT dimmers. The light comes through a white diffuser, from the inner frame of the light. The light colour temperature is 3000K warm white or 4000K neutral white, which with a colour rendering index of CRI92 reproduces the colours of the room exactly as they were designed.

The light has a diameter of 60cm. Also available in 40cm and 100cm diameter. The cables are approximately 1.5m long and are adjusted by releasing the cable lock by pushing and pulling. The minimum height of the wire ropes is approximately 20 cm.

The light can also be fitted with a wireless dimmer, as the receiver fits into the mounting cup. For wireless dimming you need a receiver, and a button, such as this rotary button.

If you already have a socket in the ceiling, the hook cover is removed so that the light does not stick to it. When the hook cover is removed, the wires are left in and you can use a sugar cube to make the connection. For all installations we recommend an electrician

We give a 3 year guarantee on the light.

More Information
Guarantee (year) 3 years
Colour rendering (CRI ±3) 92
Model RINK60
Lumen 3,800.00
Watt 38.00
Lifespan 35000
Dimensions 17mm height (rim), diameter 600mm. Wire lenght approx. 1500mm
Product diameter 60
Product height 60
Product width 60
Product depth 1.7
Approved CE, RoHS, IP21
Energy class B (185lm/W)
Muuta Dimmable, driver included
IP Class IP21
Mounting Method Hanging
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