Colour rendering index

Colour rendering index CRI or Ra number

Korkea CRI LED valaisimet. CRI yli 90

Colour rendering index is a way of measuring lights ability to show true colours. For a long time LED lights have been underdeveloped in CRI field which has slowed the change from traditional lights to LED lights. LED lights have been known to give out blue or even greyish light that people familiarase as hospital like and cold. Red light (R=9) is the hardest one to produce with LED cirquit.

Colour rendering index is shown in numbers between 0 and 100, where bigger is better as 100 is equal to the daylight outside. CRI does not indicate the colour of a light, that is measured in Kelvins. For exaple traditional incandecet light is typically 2700K (very warm white), office lighting 4000K (neutral white) and daylight is normally between 5500K and 6500K (bluish white) depending on the time of the day.

Cood colour rendering means a lot. When you cook, eat, apply make up, choose clothing or read, it is nice to see true colours. Less stress to your eyes!

Lights with CRI over 85 feel natual and are good enought to be used at home. Under 80 CRI lights feels unnatural and things look a bit off in the light. Usually cheap LED lights might have a CRI between 60 to 80. 

Typical requirements for light CRI

Photograpy and video over 90

At home over 85

In the office over 80

Industrial buildings 70

LedStore's lights and CRI Led paneeli testiraportti. Korkea yli 90 CRIWe love new innovations and will not settle for less. We want to give the luxury of high CRI LED lights to everyone. Which used to be available only in expencive LED lights, is now available in our moderately priced LED lights!

Our LED panels will be CRI 95 (January 2016), LED bulbs will be CRI 95 as they now are 90 (March 2016) and our LED downlights will be CRI 93 as they now are 85 (March 2016).

Check out the colorimetric parameters for our LED panel with high CRI (picture).

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