Led lighting child's room – using dimmable lights and wireless switches

Led lighting child’s room – using dimmable lights and wireless switches

Lighting child's room

Led DOUBLE SQUARE spot light in child's room.

Daytime lighting for child's room

During the day and early evening it is important that the lighting is bright and good without too much glare. Child'd room is used in various ways: homework, drawing and crafts need a good and even lighting, but when relaxing it is nice to be able to dim the lights a bit.

Night time lighting for child's room

Some kids are afraid of the dark, especially when they are sleeping alone in a new room. It is quite easy to ease this fear by using modern lighting solutions. Children's room can be equipped with VaLO wireless system, that makes it easy to have the light switches where needed. This means you could have a wireless dimmer switch next to the bed.

We know there are night lights for kid's room in the market, but they are sometimes too bright or need constant recharging. Also these lights are mostly always on. In the optimal situation the children's room would be relatively dark during the night. In a dark room, the light should be easily or automatically turned on when needed. Even the dark corners transform when lit to be safe and comfortable.

Led PANEL 600x600 CCT is dimmable and you can adjust the light colour temperature.

Recommendations for lighting child's room

Led panels

Led panel lights work well when creating even and bright lighting. That is one of the reasons why led panels are so popular when lighting children's room. Another reason for the popularity is that led panels do not have a strong glare, so they are great even in the baby's room.

Led spots

Led spots can also be used to create a bright lighting and are good when you want to have a tiltable light. I would adjust the lights towards light coloured walls for comfortable, indirect light. Our spot lights have a removable matte diffuser to soften the light, but if you need to have more shadows (makes it easier to see level of floor etc.), you can open the spot and remove the matte diffuser.

Led strips

Led strips have multiple different possibilities on installation. You can have the led strip installed:

  • in the ceiling as an indirect lighting or as extra lighting
  • behind the curtain board for ambient lighting
  • under the bed for perfect night time lighting
  • on the wall for direct/indirect lighting

Led strips give multiple possibilities for lighting spaces. They can be used as extra lighting as well as mood lighting, so led strips are very versatile.

Switches for lighting kid's room

With night lighting it is important that the light switch is easily accessible from the bed. With VaLO lighting system it is easy to add a new switch without the hassle of a lot of electrical work, as it is wireless. So you can have your normal on/off switch next to your bedroom door, but still add a wireless switch next to the bed. The wireless switch has also a dimming option. Also when you rearrange the furniture of the room, it is easy to move the switch to a new location.

With VaLO system you can have the lights so that it is easy for the child to turn them on when needed. If you have a younger child, you can have a night light that turns on when it detects movement for example when the child gets up from the bed, so it is safe for them to move around the room. 

Safety of the lighting

Easiness of the use and product safety are key features to look at especially when lighting child's room. All our products are CE and RoHS certified and safe to use. The switches can be attached with a 3M tape or with screws (both included). VaLO switches are battery operated, so we do not recommended them to be used in under 3 year old children's rooms as they might take it apart. So for younger children's rooms we recommend for example a motion sensor led strip under the bed or near the bed. 

Led lights are safe to use as they do not get hot. So even the ones installed under the bed will never burn your child. Also installations near curtains and other sensitive materials that would make lighting with halogens impossible are possible with led lights.

Playful options for lighting child's room

Led KAMELEONTTI RGB+W led strip under a bunk bed in a kid's room.

RGB led strips give playful options for lighting children's rooms. You can choose the colour from multiple options or have the strip change colour constantly for smooth lighting. Our RGB+W led strip also has 4000K neutral white light colour for daytime ”normal” lighting.

Controls for RGB+W led strip:

  • Wireless VaLO switch for RGB+W strips: https://ledstore.pro/valo-led-dimmer-and-rgb-colour-controlling-wireless-button
  • IN-WALL RGB controls: https://ledstore.pro/valo-led-wall-dimmer-controller-for-rgb-w-led-lights-max-400w
  • Remote for RGB+W led strips: https://ledstore.pro/valo-led-remote-dimmer-for-6-groups-of-rgbw-lights-wireless-control

You also need a receiver and/or a driver. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the best combination for your project.





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