LED RGBW STRIP SMD 5050, 14,4W/m (72W/5m) 24V, water resistant IP65

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KAMELEONTTI LED strip RGB+W (4000K) version. Three options for white light color temperature. The color rendering index of white light is 85. This LED strip is powerful, dimmable, and waterproof (thin, non-yellowing silicone surface). It can be used for lighting in all spaces, with a power consumption of 14 W/m and a total power consumption of 72 W per roll.

LED RGBW STRIP SMD 5050, 14,4W/m (72W/5m) 24V, water resistant IP65 is available to buy in increments of 1

In the Kameleontti light strip we use RGB+4000K LED circuits with a white colour rendering index of 85. This LED strip is efficient, dimmable and waterproof (thin, non-yellowing silicone surface). Our LED strip is easy to attach with the 3M high adhesive tape that comes with it. Other accessories such as driver, regulator, aluminium profile are ordered separately. The total power consumption of the LED in a 5 meter roll is 72W (36+36W), so if you install the whole 5 meters, you will need at least 80W 24V driver.

For stylish playful lighting

Our cameleon RGB strip has a luminous intensity of 14.4W/m (7.2W RGB + 7.2W 4000K) and has 60 LED circuits per metre. The surface of the LED strip has a thin, non-yellowing silicone coating that protects the strip from water. The 14 W/m power makes the light sufficient for illumination. The RGB LED strip is used in spaces where you want to create a changing atmosphere by changing the colour of the light. The strip also features a white 4000K led circuit. The white light of the strip has a colour rendering index, CRI, of 85, which is suitable for use in home lighting.

The LED has very low specularity when viewed directly from the front, when mounted on a 16x18mm white aluminium profile, for example. In the kitchen, for example, when mounted on top of cupboards, the whole room is lit evenly (no pinpointing) and the mood changes. In living rooms / cinema rooms, an RGB LED strip can be used to create a stylish atmosphere, for example in the chute of a drop-down sash or on the shelf of a sash. Lighting shelves and levels with RGB LED strip from different directions also creates an interesting, changing look throughout the room. In children's rooms and bedrooms, RGB LED strip is also a great choice for cheerful and lively lighting, or alternatively for calm and relaxing lighting. RGB LED strip is also used in bathrooms and wet rooms. Care should be taken when installing the strip in water. The surface of the strip is waterproof, but it does not come with pre-waterproof connectors.


The LED strip comes in 5m rolls and can be cut to size and soldered every 10cm. We also sell the tape in lengths of your choice. The strip is clearly marked for easy cutting. There is a 10 cm splicing cable (5-conductor) at each end of the reel. We recommend soldering the connecting wires together, as we have found that the quick-release fasteners loosen over time and loosening causes the lights to flash. A carefully done LED strip installation will last for years. The RGB LED strip has a calculated lifetime of 35 000 hours. We are happy to help with installation and product selection.

The RGB LED strip can be operated with the VaLO series wireless controller and control unit, which is connected between the strip and the power supply. It can also be installed with drivers for wireless control (such as RF or ZIGBEE). Installation with a wired wall controller and a 24V non-dimmable driver is also possible.

We recommend powering from both ends if the tape is installed in a continuous run of more than 10 meters. This prevents light loss and provides an equally bright light from both ends. The LED strip should always be attached to an aluminium strip so that excess heat is conducted away from the LED circuit. This will prolong the life of the strip and keep the warranty valid.

The Led strip works well with 24V systems such as solar power, boats and cars. Then a separate power supply is not needed. In other cases, order a suitable 24V power supply for the strip (e.g. 5m 14,4W is 72W in total, so any 24V power supply over 80W will work).


To dim the LED strip you can use the wireless dimmer of our VaLO RF series. The strips can also be controlled by DALI systems. Wireless dimming is perfect for applications where there is no wall switch for the light, but the light is powered by a constant current.

In the case of a smart home, a Zigbee driver and controllers for wireless control are chosen. In Zigbee drivers, the receiver is already built-in.

With the VaLO RF wireless solution, you simply install the receiver between the LED strip and the power supply. You can then control the strip with wireless switches from wherever you want. The wireless switch is powered by batteries, which are easily replaceable. You can also mount the switch on the wall if you wish, but it does not need a separate power supply.

Create your own light

Why use an LED strip only for traditional applications when you can make a light from almost anything? Create your own wall light by bending the LED strip and the aluminium profile into the shape you want, or by fixing the LED strip to another heat-conducting material. Turn a mirror, table frame, trunk, table or chair into a lamp with the LED strip. A good design is half the job. We are happy to help you with your design, and we make custom-made LED strip lighting at LedStore's LedShop.

Light colour temperature

RGB (red, green and blue) + 4000K (with remote control), or with a wired wall controller three shades of white.

More Information
Guarantee (year) 3 years
Colour rendering (CRI ±3) 85
Model RGB STRIP144-24
Lumen 5,000.00
Voltage (V) 24
Color temperature (K) 4000
Light Adjustment RGBW
Watt 14.40
Lifespan 35000
Dimensions 12x2x5000mm (roll / rulla)
Product height 500
Product width 1.2
Product depth 0.2
Approved CE, RoHS, IP65
Energy class B (185lm/W)
Muuta 3M tape on backside
IP Class IP65
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