Outdoor led lighting – what do you need to know?

Outdoor led lighting – what do you need to know?

You can create a versatile outdoor led lighting with Ledstore's led lights. We mostly sell lights for private, smaller projects like houses, apartments and cottages. Here we will give you some pointers in creating a perfect outdoor lighting for you. Our exterior led lighting collection includes:

  • IP65 led strips and drivers
  • led spots
  • led panels
  • led light pillars
  • led wall lights
  • recessed led wall lights

Brightness of outdoor led lighting

Led strip lighting installed on terrace beam.

Led strip on a terrace canopy.

At is best, the outdoor led lighting accentuates different features of your garden, creates safety on walkways and makes your terraces and other entertaining places cozy.

The brightness of the lights is one of the most important things to consider when planning outdoor led lighting. When planning your outdoor lighting, we recommend you to rather have multiple, dimmer lights in different places than one really bright light in one place. One bright light will turn all the surrounding areas really dark as the eye has a tendency to adjust to light. So having less bright lights as outdoor led lights, makes it easier to see all of your garden rather than just few spots of it.

Snow and walls as reflector

In Finland and other northern countries, the summers are not dark, so the outdoor led lighting is mostly for the times from autumn to spring. Also having snow, makes the lights shine even brighter as the have some white surface to reflect from. Led lights like cold temperatures and usually last longer and shine brighter in cold weather.

Outdoor led lighting colour temperature

Outdoor led lighting is mostly 3000K light colour temperature. That makes the places looking cozy and works especially well with wooden surfaces and warm colours. Of course we always recommend you to choose the light colour temperature you feel is the best for your project.

Entrance lighting

For the entrance we recommend you to use more light as to guide your guests to the right door and make it more safe to come home. The doors to utility room, store room and garage are advised to be well lit, at least from the side where the door handle is.

We recommend you to use a lighting designer or garden planner to help you to design the outdoor led lighting for your home or cottage.

How to use different led lights

Here are a few examples how to use different lights in outdoor led lighting.

Led strips

Led strips are perfect to be used in outdoor led lighting. You can select 3000K for cozy lighting, 4000K for more modern lighting or even go for RGB+W led strip for your garden accent lighting! You can use led strip lighting them in multiple places like:

  • outdoor stair rails
  • eaves and facades
  • water features
  • terraces and conservatories
  • carports

You should select a led strip that is water resistant IP65 or use a aluminium profile that makes the installation water resistant. Also we recommend you to use at least IP65 driver outdoor or make sure you istall the drive inside a water proof box. Always install the led strip on an aluminium profile.

Led panels

We have IP54 led panels that are also good to be used in exterior spaces. The led panels are mostly used in garages, carports and entrances as they create bright and even lighting.

Led spots

We have recessed led spots, big and small, for ceilings. We also have

led spots to be recessed on the ground or on the terrace boarding.

Led spot set for 3-8 spots

  • Perfect for accent lighting, see picture.

Single led spots

  • Available mostly in matte white, brushed aluminium/matte silver and matte black. We recommend you select the spot colour according to the ceiling colour. The safest colour to select is brushed aluminium or matte silver. Perfect for terraces and entrances.

Ground recessed led spots

  • We have a big, adjustable led spot that is perfect for facede lighting, lighting trees and other bigger features of your garden. When directed at the reflecting surface, gives out the best result.
  • We also have terrace led spot set with 3-11 spots. These are perfect for terrace boarding and walkways. They are glare free as they give the light across the boarding without it shining straight to your face. There are spots that give light to one direction, two directions and four directions in this series.

Led wall lights

  • We recommend you to use led wall lights that give the light indirectly. This will help you to see the surroundings better as the indirect lighting is glare free. Also, with light colour walls, you will have plenty of reflected light. Wall lights are perfect for entrances and for lighting other doors of the house and garages.
  • Recessed led wall lights are perfect for small outdoor walls and concrete stairs. We recommend you to light the walkways and stairs from the side, so to avoid glare. The recessed led wall lights include an installation box for easy installation.

Led pillars

  • Led pillars are perfect for walkways, terraces and floral beds of the garden.

Features of outdoor led lighting

You can have all kinds of systems for making your outdoor led lighting more easy to use. These things can also help you save money on the lighting bills.

  • You can install the lights in a light sensor, that will only turn lights on when it is dark enough.
  • Motion sensor that will turn lights on from movement in the area. Perfect for carports and other places that you only want and need to light for short times.
  • You can install a dimmer for your terrace lighting for more cozy feeling.



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