LED CCT STRIP SMD 3528, ADJUSTABLE 2500-6500K 14,4W/m (72W/5m) 24V

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14.4W per meter. With the CCT light strip, you can adjust the color temperature between 2500K-6500K. The color rendering index of the strip is 95, which means that colors are reproduced very well. This LED strip is dimmable and the color temperature can be adjusted by ordering the VaLO series rotary (RGB/CCT) control button and receiver (RGB/CCT). Other control options are also available.

LED CCT STRIP SMD 3528, ADJUSTABLE 2500-6500K 14,4W/m (72W/5m) 24V is available to buy in increments of 1

The colour temperature of the TUNNELMA LED strip can be adjusted between 2500K - 6500K. The colour rendering index of the strip is 95, which means that colours are reproduced naturally and very well (colours are best reproduced with 4000K white light, as it has no yellowish or bluish tint). This LED strip is dimmable and the colour temperature can be adjusted by ordering a button (RGB/CCT) and a receiver from the VaLO series or the Zigbee series (RGB/CCT).

Product information

Our LED strip has a TUNNUMA of 14,4W/m (1000 lumens per meter) and 60 LED circuits per meter. This makes the light uniform enough for indirect lighting, for example. When mounted on an aluminium profile, the light only appears pinpoint when viewed from directly in front. When indirectly illuminated through a wall, the light is uniform. The CRI of the strip is 95, which is excellent and suitable for home lighting.


The Led strip is supplied in a 5 metre roll and can be cut at 10 cm intervals. The strip is clearly marked for easy cutting. We recommend that the strip is soldered together as we have found that the quick-release fasteners loosen over time and loosening causes the lights to flicker. Our Led tape is easily attached with the included very strong 3M tape. The tape should always be mounted on metal so that excess heat is conducted away from the LED circuitry. This way the strip will last and not break.

If the length of the LED strip exceeds 10 m, we recommend powering from both ends or from the middle of the strip. This prevents light fading and the strip illuminates equally brightly from both ends. The led strip should always be fixed to an aluminium profile to conduct excess heat away from the led circuit. This extends the life of the strip and keeps the warranty valid. Aluminium profiles can be ordered from our online shop.

Led strip works well with 24 V systems such as solar power, as well as in boats and cars. No separate power supply is needed, but of course a controller is required. In other cases, order a 24 V inverter suitable for the loop.

We are happy to help if you have any questions about installation or ordering.

Dim the lights

To dim the LED strip you can use the wireless dimmer of our VaLO RF series. The strips can also be controlled by DALI systems. Wireless dimming is perfect for applications where there is no switch on the wall for the light, but the light is powered by a constant current.

In the case of a smart home, a Zigbee driver and controllers for wireless control are chosen. In Zigbee drivers, the receiver is already built-in.

With the VaLO RF wireless solution, you simply install the receiver between the LED strip and the power supply. You can then control the strip with wireless switches from wherever you want. The wireless switch is powered by batteries, which are easily replaceable. You can also mount the switch on the wall if you wish, but it does not need a separate power supply.

Create your own light

Why use just LED strips in the traditional way when you can make a lamp out of almost anything? Create your own wall lamp by bending the LED strip and the aluminium profile to the shape you want or by attaching the LED strip to another heat conducting material. Turn a mirror, photo frame, table or chair into a lamp with the help of the LED strip. A good design is half the job. We are happy to help you with the design and manufacture LED strips to order at LedStore's LedShop.

More Information
Guarantee (year) 3 years
Colour rendering (CRI ±3) 95
Model CCT-strip-24V
Lumen 5,000.00
Voltage (V) 24
Color temperature (K) 2500, 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 5500, 6000
Light Adjustment CCT
Adjustability Adjustable
Watt 14.00
Lifespan 50000
Dimensions 8x2x5000
Product height 500
Product width 0.8
Product depth 0.2
Approved CE, RoHs, IP21
Energy class B (185lm/W)
IP Class IP21
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For the CCT ability to work, you need a wireless button and a receiver.

LED strip comes in a 5m roll that can be cut to measure in every 5cm. We recommend that you solder the wanted lengths together as we have noticed that the fast clips tend to loosen after few years and then the light starts flickering.

If you have more than 10m of strip, you need to feed the power from both ends or from the centre to minimize the powerloss. All installations should be made on top of aluminium (ie. aluminium profile), that way the excess heat gets conducted away from led circuit and makes it last longer.

LED strip works in boats, as it is 24VDC you might not even need a driver!

Remember to order a driver (unless it is for a boat, car or with solar power of 24VDC).

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