LedStore story

Story of LedStore

At LedStore we sell led lights partly or complitely designed by us and made by the factories we have hand picked to be our manufauturers. We keep on developing our led lights to be technically in the top range.

In love with building

I have build and am still building detached houses as a hobby. As I was building a home for my family in 2009, I got an idea. I can't stand the heat halogens create, the fire protection cups you have to install and the fact you have the lower the ceiling so much for it to be fire safe for halogens. We desided to make the lighting by using led lights only. But where to get the products? We wanted dimmable, under 60mm in height leds with good lighting power, but there was none to be found, so we had to develop the by ourselves. So the developing of led lights started by our own needs, but afterwards I have developed products for other builder in Finland too. We had the need for certain qualities in led lights and with the help of some engineers, we managed to achieve them. A led light that filled my requests for quality and functionalisty was in my hands after trying 8 different factories. Those leds are still up and running.

Moving LedStore

Installing those led lights was easy (no fire cups) and as I didn't find similar lights in Finalnd or Europe, I assumed some one else might be looking for such lights for ttheir home. So I set up a webshop! It was opened in 2010 under another company, but soon moved to work under its current name (2011).

  • 2010 We started the web shop at Tikkurilantie, in a small 10m2 room
  • 2012 Moved to Unikkotie, on the roof of Prisma, to a small 35m2 shop
  • 2013 Moved to Niittytie, to a 70m2 shop and rented a main warehouse from further away
  • 2015 Moved to our first own shop, with proper showroom and a small in shop storage room

I soon noticed a lot of people needed help with lighting design, which I started offering free of charge at first. We started asking for a small fee for the design in 2014, that is refundable with certain terms. I have since helped to desig the lighting for nearly 200 houses.

I worked alone for the first 3 years and in 2013 hired my first employee. That employee changed to Liisa in the beginning of 2015. Liisa has a long experience in lighting field and in design and also she started to create content for our Facebook page! Now there are three of us to help you and to develop the products as well as the web shop to be as useable and good as they can be.

Things we've been first to do in Finland

  • 2009 under 50mm in height and over 600 lumen led downlights
  • 2009 led products dimmable from primary side
  • 2010 free lighting design
  • 2011 slim panel lights
  • 2012 LED tube to be compatible with old ballasts
  • 2013 5 year guarantee
  • 2013 LED-BJ33/BUDGET -model first in it's price range:
    • 8W COB led, light from one point in the centre of the spot
    • 600 lumen
    • +85 CRI
    • height only 45mm
    • dimmable from primary side
  • 2014 downlights with CRI 90
  • 2015 Even light led strip (no dots!) with CRI 93
  • 2015 led panels (consumer market) with CRI 95
  • 2016 led bulbs (consumer market) with CRI 95
  • 2016 led downlights (consumer market) with CRI 92

Janne's values

1. There needs to be some luxury in life

Dimmability, energy effiency and durability are the qualities mean a lot to us, which is why our lights have these qualities. Most of our led lights are dimmable and water resistant with 3 to 5 years guarantee. Dimmability makse the usability of a light high. We also want most of the lights to be water resistant, so it is possible to use one type of light in every room to make a continuous look.

2. Nature should be green

Leds are energy efficient and nature friendly and that is important to us. Halogens and fluoroscent lights have harmful chemicals in them that leds don't have and also use more energy. At the warehouse we re-use most of the packaging waste in repackaging the products.

3. No compromises

We don't like to make compromises when it comes to quality and safety. Our lights are carefully tested and you don't find them in TUKES pages of dangerous lights. In other words, no shock hazard or fire hazard. Our led lights have a guarantee between 3-5 years depending on the model.

4. Luxury for everyone

Luxury not just for millionares, but for everyone. This luxury we sell, is paying itself back in teh long run as money saved in energy bills as well as in maintenance. Average payback period is only 4 years!

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