VaLO — Zigbee WiFi HUB/BOX for controlling receivers with Android/iOS

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With VaLO WIFI Zigbee box, you can control your lighting with your Android/iOS device, such as your phone. You can create schedules and groups for your lighting.

VaLO WiFi Zigbee HUB/BOX is compatible with VaLO series Zigbee receivers, which you also need for the system to recognize the controlled lights. In addition to the hub, you can install Zigbee wireless wall switches for lighting control. Basic on/off wall switches also work well with the system.

VaLO — Zigbee WiFi HUB/BOX for controlling receivers with Android/iOS is available to buy in increments of 1

With the VaLO WIFI Zigbee box you control your lighting from your Android/iOS device, such as your phone. The HUB allows for versatile timings and custom programming. The HUB is operated with the Easy Home app maintained by the product manufacturer (free of charge from the app store.)

Zigbee note: Zigbee receivers and buttons also work without the HUB. Without the HUB, you can pair one wall button or remote control group directly per driver or receiver. If you want to have multiple buttons on the same driver (e.g. staircase switching) you need to have a HUB and an Android/iOS app. All devices are taught into the HUB and then assigned what they do.

Examples of use:

  1. For example, you can program the CCT adjustable LED panels to light up in the morning in steps from dim to bright with a light tone of cool daylight. In the evening, you can program the lights to change the hue of the light and enjoy the warm light in a moody way.
  2. In the morning, the lights in the kitchen and hallway turn on at 07.00 and turn off automatically, for example at 9.00, when everyone has left for work/school.
  3. The lights in the children's room come on at 18.00 and go out at bedtime... At the same time, they may slowly dim.
  4. Outdoor lights come on at a certain time and go out in the morning (dimmer switch replacement)

The VaLO WiFi Zigbee HUB/BOX is compatible with the VaLO series of Zigbee receivers, which you also need to enable the system to detect the lights to be controlled. Alongside, you can also use wireless Zigbee wall buttons and remotes to control lights.

LedStore's Zigbee products are also interoperable with other Zigbee products. So if you want, you can control your own Zigbee lights / devices you buy from LedStore with your own e.g. Samsung Smart Things hub and app.

The VaLO WIFI Zigbee HUB is either connected to a wireless network, or it can be connected to a router with an RJ45 cable (the cable is included in the package). Lighting control is done with a downloadable app on your phone or tablet called Easy Home (by Kellie Scott) for iOS and Android users. In addition, wall buttons from the VaLO range can also be installed if desired.

The WiFi Zigbee box has a range of 30m, but the reinforced concrete is a challenge between layers (RF does not penetrate the steel mesh).

Contact us or stop by if you need help with product selection. We are happy to help with any questions regarding LED lighting control and dimming.

What the heck is Zigbee?

Zigbee is a wireless RF system using MESH technology, where each device is both a receiver and a transmitter, ensuring that commands get through even in large areas. Zigbee devices can be freely interconnected between different manufacturers. This device supports the latest ZIGBEE 3.0 protocol.

With LedStore's VaLO Zigbee wireless lighting control, you can control your lighting either with wall-mounted wireless buttons or with your Android/iOS device such as a tablet or phone. You can control your entire home's lighting wirelessly if you want, but you can also control individual lights.
Zigbee is the only complete IoT (Internet of Things) solution - from a mesh network to a universal standard that allows smart devices to talk to each other. Thanks to the dedicated mesh network created by the devices, the message always reaches its destination, as each device is a receiver and a transmitter.

Zigbee is a standardised system to which you can connect any device in the Zigbee alliance and the certified product will seamlessly communicate with other devices connected to the network. The alliance includes Samsung, Philips, Google, Apple, IKEA, Amazon, Panasonic and Somfy.
Zigbee products are already in millions of homes around the world. Our devices support the latest Zigbee 3.0 standard and are backwards compatible.

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Wireless VaLO Zigbee
Guarantee (year) 5 years
Dimensions 110x85x25mm
Product height 11
Product width 8.5
Product depth 2.5
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