VaLO Zigbee 24V DRIVER 200W RGBW with build-in Zigbee receiver

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VaLO Zigbee series dimmable power supply for 24V LED strip lights. Also suitable for temperature-adjustable RGBW LED strips. Max. load 200W.

Compatible with, among others, IKEA TRГ…DFRI system, Google Home devices and programs, and of course any other Zigbee product.

VaLO Zigbee 24V DRIVER 200W RGBW with build-in Zigbee receiver is available to buy in increments of 1

VaLO Zigbee dimmable power supply with RF receiver

LedStore's VaLO series, a wireless Zigbee dimming power supply for 24V monochrome and RGBW strip lights. Max. load 200W. The driver's built-in RF receiver facilitates the installation of wireless control, as it only needs to be paired with a dimming button. A separate receiver is therefore not required.

Zigbee note: Only ONE button can be paired directly per driver. If you want to have multiple buttons on the same driver (e.g. staircase switching) you need to have a HUB and an Android/Ios app. All devices are paired to the HUB and there it is determined what they do.

The power supply has a dry room protection, IP21, so it should be installed in a protected place. The power connection must be done by a person with the necessary authority. Quick connectors under protective cover. If required, you can order from us the installation of a plug for the driver, so that it can be connected to the socket without the need for an electrician. All our Zigbee devices have an internal memory in case of power failures. The light will return to the last used state.

Dimming of the power supply and colour adjustment of the LED strip or panel is done with the buttons of the VaLO series. So order the right dimmer button:

Zigbee dimming button.

Is VaLO Zigbee compatible with other Zigbee devices?

Yes! If you have a Plilips Hue controller, for example, you can use this for example:

IKEA TRГ…DFRI system, Google Home devices and software, and of course any other Zigbee product.

This product is Apple Homekit compatible via Zigbee Plilips HUE.

Zigbee pairing?

We have gone through the pairing in the articles:

  • Pairing without a hub/bridge inPart 1
  • In Part 2, pairing with a hub/bridge (Philips Hue and Samsung Smart Things)
  • In Part 3, we will complete the applications and consider more types of lights.
  • Part 4 Zigbee and CCT lighting from an installer's perspective

What is Zigbee?

Zigbee is a wireless RF system using MESH technology, where each device is both a receiver and a transmitter, ensuring that commands get through even in larger locations. Zigbee devices can be freely interconnected between different manufacturers. This device supports the latest ZIGBEE 3.0 protocol.

With LedStore's VaLO Zigbee wireless lighting control, you can control your lighting either with wall-mounted wireless buttons or with your Android/iOS device such as a tablet or phone. You can control your entire home's lighting wirelessly if you want, but you can also control individual lights.
Zigbee is the only complete IoT (Internet of Things) solution - from a mesh network to a universal standard that allows smart devices to talk to each other. Thanks to the dedicated mesh network created by the devices, the message always reaches its destination, as each device is a receiver and a transmitter.

Zigbee is a standardised system to which you can connect any device in the Zigbee alliance and the certified product will seamlessly communicate with other devices connected to the network. The alliance includes Google, Apple, IKEA, Amazon, Panasonic and Somfy.
Zigbee products are already in millions of homes around the world. Our devices support the latest Zigbee 3.0 standard and are backwards compatible.


Length: 270mm
Width: 79mm
Height: 39mm

More Information
Wireless VaLO Zigbee
Guarantee (year) 5 years
Watt 200.00
Voltage (V) 24
Light Adjustment RGBW, RGB
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