VaLO — LED remote dimmer for 6 groups of RGBW lights, wireless control

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A remote control for dimming up to six RGBW LED lighting groups. The remote control is battery operated (3 * AAA battery). The remote control comes with a stand that can be installed on a wall, among other things. The remote control attaches to the stand with a magnet.

VaLO — LED remote dimmer for 6 groups of RGBW lights, wireless control is available to buy in increments of 1

Remote control for dimming six RGBW led light groups. The remote control is battery operated (3*AAA battery). The remote control comes with a bracket that can be mounted on the wall, for example. The remote control is magnetically attached to the stand. The package comes with the batteries pre-installed. To get the remote to control your lighting, you also need a CCT/RGB receiver or driver (suitable for LED panels and strips).

  • All groups ON/OFF in the middle of the circle
  • R,G,B= Red, Green, Blue colour directly on/off, hold down to dim the light.
  • W= White on/off, hold down to dim. When you want strong colours, press W off. When W is on, the other colours will appear light.
  • Use buttons 1-6 to select the desired group. Press and hold the button to turn the lights ON/OFF.
  • Press S to save the colour/setting by pressing and holding and then press and hold once to recall the setting.
  • Press Play/Pause I
  • Press and hold
  • Press anywhere on the colour palette to get the colour you want. Note! W on off to deepen or lighten the hue.

Example. If you want to control all of them so that they can be turned on and off separately, you will need to get separate receivers for each group, i.e. 6pcs CCT/RGB receivers or drivers (i.e. separate for each led strip). After installation, the receivers are paired to the desired button (buttons 1-6). You can also change the pairing afterwards (unpairing is done by pressing the learning button for more than 5 sec. and after the lights flash to indicate successful unpairing).

Please contact us or drop by if you need help with product selection. We are happy to help with any questions you may have about LED lighting control and dimming.

NOTE! Remove the battery protective film before pairing or the battery will not make contact.

More Information
Wireless VaLO RF
Guarantee (year) 5 years
Watt 0.00
Dimensions 137x40x20mm
Approved CE, RoHS, TUV, UL, FCC
IP Class IP20
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