SAUNA led strip lighting KIT 7,2W/m 3000K BASIC

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LED strip for sauna BASIC WARM -set includes:

  • 5 meters of 7.2W/m Pointless SOLO 3000K IP65 LED strip
  • non-dimmable power supply that is IP65 waterproof
  • two surface-mounted aluminum profiles (length 2.5m per profile). Several different profiles available.
  • 5 meters of 2-pole cable and 2 lever connectors

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SAUNA led strip lighting KIT 7,2W/m 3000K BASIC is available to buy in increments of 1
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SAUNA led strip lighting KIT 7,2W/m 3000K BASIC is available to buy in increments of 1
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SAUNA led strip lighting KIT 7,2W/m 3000K BASIC
SAUNA led strip lighting KIT 7,2W/m 3000K BASIC

In stock



    LED strip for sauna 5 m LIGHTER BASIC light set SOLO 7,2 W/m 3000K with LED strip

    More efficient led strip for sauna with warm shade. With this 5 m set, your sauna lighting is ready at once! You can easily divide the strip and profiles into two lengths of up to 2.5 metres.

    Sauna lighting?

    This set includes a ready-to-use accessory kit to give your sauna a traditional warm glow. Sauna lighting is an important part of the sauna atmosphere. The set is NOT REDUCIBLE.

    This set is for those who are not afraid of a little tinkering, and you may need a soldering iron if you cut these into more than two pieces.

    Set includes

    The LED strip for Sauna HEATER BASIC set includes:

    • 1 roll, 5 metres of 7.2 W/m dots SOLO 3000K IP65 led strip
    • 1 piece, suitable wattage power supply IP65
    • 2 pcs, surface-mounted aluminium profiles with accessories (length 2,5m per profile). Choice of several different profiles
    • 5 m of 2-pole low-current cable and 2 lever connectors (2x3 outputs per connector)


    The 7,2/m strip has a light output of +500 lumens per metre, a generous light output for a typical sauna with light pine or tarred alder materials. This will fit directly into a darker sauna. The base colour of the strip is white, but you won't see it, as it is always mounted on the aluminium profile that is always included, and the 3M special tape on the LED strip ensures a good fixing to the profile. So with this set you get even, spotless light for your sauna. The LED circuit is a COB technology model with a colour rendering index (CRI) of over 95!

    What is the difference between COB and SMD LEDs? We wrote about it in our blog.

    Then the more difficult part, i.e. the angles and extensions. You see, the strip has standard 50 cm wires at each end, so by cutting it at the relevant point (every 5cm), you get two strips. To these you can connect, if the installation space allows, the included lever connectors and the wire to the driver. So if you want more than one strip, you will have to connect new wires to the copper points at the cut-off point. Led tape uses two (2) pole wires. Positive + and Negative -. The package includes 5 meters of 2 pole wire and lever connectors to extend the wire to the driver. Led strip product description.

    The sauna profile is IP44 splash-proof at the bottom and IP65 waterproof at the top, so you can install it under the ceiling or behind the backrest without any worries. The ends of the profiles must be checked for tightness. Aluminium is also easy to cut with a hacksaw or even with a wood chipper.

    The included driver is waterproof, so you can mount it directly on the wall under the ceiling. Of course, the connections must be sealed. Product description of the driver.

    You can of course install this LED Sauna strip Set in other places than the sauna, such as on the terrace. Only your imagination is the limit.

    Help? Led strip for sauna with your own dimensions?

    If you need help and you want to have the led strip made to your dimensions, our PAJA servicecan do it.

    You can play with our CALCULATOR and calculate made-to-measure prices, even though the calculator is nominally a kitchen calculator. The same strips, profiles and guide products can also be found there. Imagine the countertop is under the ceiling, the top of the cabinet is behind the back, etc..

    You can also order your lighting installed from our INSTALLATION service.

    Installation tips

    Sauna lighting is installed like any other led strip installation. The tape should be bonded to metal, such as an aluminium profile (supplied), to conduct heat away from the LED circuit. Proper cooling will extend the life of the LED. Also, in saunas and other damp areas, wood will live and the adhesive on the led strip will not stay in place for long without a profile. NOTE! Led strip does not fold laterally, so corners must be cut and soldered with tin pins, or run a separate connecting wire to the driver for each piece.

    Outline of the strip installation:

    1. Measure the installation site
    2. Cut the LED strips to the correct length (every 5cm from the cut-off point).
    3. Cut the profiles (with a scalpel or hacksaw), leaving a couple of centimetres extra for the led strip connection.
    4. Glue the led strips to the profile on the table before attaching the profiles and press the covers and ends into place.
    5. Screw the profile brackets into the mounting location. 4-5pcs brackets / 2,5m and snap the profiles into place.
    6. Run the wires from the led strip to the driver (hole in the grommets 7mm) and connect to the driver with the connectors.
    7. The electrician will take care of the mains installation.
    8. Enjoy the light!

    Led strip for sauna, who is the PERUS set suitable for?

    Led strip for sauna PERUS LIGHTER kit is suitable for clear straight areas and for people who are not afraid of installation and tinkering.

    This warm set is a more efficient version of the set and with this you can get a lot of light on the benches and there is enough light here to dim. You'll also need this more efficient set for a dark sauna, as dark surfaces eat up light. So get your sauna lighting right with this one!

    If you need more than 5 metres of light strip, or want everything pre-made to specific dimensions, or need to have an angle fitting on your L-rods, feel free to contact us and order everything made to measure.

    Here is also the information about custom ordering on our LedPaja page, or you can click directly on the custom order calculatorto calculate the custom order price in advance. Just select the power and length of the strips, profiles you want and the calculator will calculate the right size driver(s): you can follow the idea of the countertop being the led strip that goes under the ceiling, the cabinet being the strip that goes behind the back, etc....

    What are the options for led strip for sauna stoves?

    • 3,6W Temperature adjustable CCT dots-free set: for light saunas where mood lighting is desired.
    • 7,2W Temperature adjustable CCT Dotless set: for dark saunas or where more light is desired.
    • 7,2W 3000K warm dimmable spotless set: for dark saunas where you like warm tones. Wireless control.
    • 7,2W 4000K Neutral Dimmable ON/OFF set: for dark saunas where cool tones are preferred. A simpler set.
    • 7.2W 4000K Neutral Dimmable Set: For dark saunas where cool tones are preferred. Wireless control.
    More Information
    Guarantee (year) 3 years
    Colour rendering (CRI ±3) 95
    Model SAUNA-SET-72-3000-BASIC
    Lumen 2,500.00
    Color Mattblack, Mattwhite, Grey
    Voltage (V) 24
    Color temperature (K) 3000
    Watt 36.00
    Lifespan 35000
    Dimensions set is 5m long, can be easily used as 2x2,5m
    Approved CE, RoHS
    Energy class B (185lm/W)
    IP Class IP65
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    The strip should be glued to a metal, such as an aluminum profile (included), so that the heat can be conducted away from the LED circuit. Proper cooling extends the life of the LED. The led strip does not bend sideways. Also Sauna has lots of heat an moisture, so led strip itself woud not hold moist wood.

    Best location of light in sauna?

    Most common installation locations are behind backrest or under seat.

    If you only install to one location, install it under seat, because it works also as cleaning light under seats.

    Led profiles in sauna

    Surface IP65 is always best option, if you install it upwards behind seat, or closer to heater unit

    Basic Black and brushed profile are great option for behid back rest or under seat. They are IP65 from behind and IP44 for cover

    45 degree corner model is usually for under seat, at back corner OR in front of seat, pointing back wall.

    Sauna light installation:

    1. Measure the installation location
    2. Cut the profiles (circular or metal saw) and led strips to the right size (every 5 cm from the cutting point)
    3. Glue the led strips to the profile on the table before attaching the profiles and put the covers in place by pressing.
    4. Screw the profile brackets to the bottom of the bench. 4-5 pieces / 2.5m and click the profiles in place.
    5. Take the wires from the led strip to the transformer (wire drill hole is 7mm) and connect to the screw terminals.
    6. Skrew driver to wall under sauna seats and connect all wires. 

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