Recessed LED PLAFOND 240 — UPPOAVA, dimmable, 17W, high CRI90

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The submersible -series LED ceiling light 240 from Himmennettävä ja kosteussuojattu (IP54) provides bright illumination and is suitable for use as general lighting throughout your home due to its simple appearance. The ceiling light has a flat surface, without a convex dome. The ceiling light can also be surface-mounted using a 50 mm high surface-mounting frame.


Led Plafond 240

The dimmable and moisture-proof (IP54) UPPOAVA series led plafond 240 illuminates brightly and is suitable for general lighting throughout your home due to its sleek appearance. The light is damp-proof (IP54), so it can be used in damp areas and outdoors. A good alternative to spotlights.


The UPPOAVA PLAFOND 240 17W light is equivalent to two 18W fluorescent tubes, i.e. around 1200 lumens. The LED circuits are mounted directly on the body. This solution achieves maximum thermal conductivity and a safe operating temperature (below 50 degrees Celsius). The low operating temperature ensures a long lifetime of 50 000 hours.

Colour rendering index (CRI) is over 90 and thermal conductivity is excellent. High quality components ensure that the light colour does not fade.

The LED PLAFOND 240 will not be affected by frost, rain or snowstorms if it is installed on the roof of a carport or terrace. The PLAFOND 240 LED light is widely used as a replacement for spotlights in general lighting both outdoors and indoors. The light provided by the light is more uniform than a spotlight and is ideal for general lighting. In addition, the matt surface completely hides the LED circuits from view.

The light colour can be selected from either 3000K (warm white) or 4000K (neutral white).

Round Led Panels

See here for installation examples and ideas


The light is recessed and the mounting hole size is 225 mm. The light body is aluminium and powder coated matt white with a matt acrylic diffuser.

Each light is supplied with its own power supply. The power supply has a quick connector for easy installation and is chainable. The power supply fits through a mounting hole in the false ceiling.

The low operating temperature allows the light to be installed against wood or plaster. The Led PLAFOND 240 fits into a typical roof structure with only 48x48mm of reinforcement and 13mm plasterboard under the vapour barrier. We recommend installing a piece of board or plasterboard above the light to prevent the insulation from sagging.

The light can also be surface mounted by ordering a surface mounting frame.


Dimming is possible with TRIAC dimmers from the PRIMARY side. Suitable dimmers include the Schneider EXXACT and ABB Jussi series dimmers that we sell. The floating plafond 240 18W lights can be connected to the same dimmer in the ABB Jussi series (70W) in 3 pieces and to the Schneider (300W) dimmers in 16 pieces.

Each light is supplied with its own dimmable power supply. A single power supply for one light solves a problem specific to halogen lights: a single power supply is subject to heavy load, gets hot and breaks down the lights. We have moved the power supply in the UPPOAVA range of lights separately from the light. This solution ensures a shallow installation depth and prevents the power supply from heating up the light. The separate power supply can be placed within 5 metres of the light. The power supply is splash-proof IP44 and has 230V in and 700mA out (for the light).

The LED lights are compatible with home automation (e.g. KNX and Talomatti) and work seamlessly as part of a smart home.

Why choose PLAFOND 240?

  • A clean and simple, easy to install light
  • Good light output
  • Good colour rendering (CRI over 92)
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP54)
  • Quality light with a five-year guarantee from LedStore
  • Even light, not bright in the centre and dim at the edges
  • CE, RoHS and SELV certified
  • Led Plafondi 240 is a good alternative to spotlights
More Information
Guarantee (year) 5 years
Colour rendering (CRI ±3) 90
Model LedPlafond240
Lumen 1,200.00
Watt 18.00
Lifespan 50000
Dimensions Installation 220mm, Lamp 240mm, lenght 18mm
Installation hole 225.00
Product diameter 24
Product height 24
Product width 24
Product depth 2.2
Approved CE, RoHS, IP54
Energy class B (185lm/W)
Muuta Dimmable, driver included, chainable
IP Class IP44
Chainable Yes
Mounting Method Recessed
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Led PLAFOND 240 is reCEssed light and need a 225mm installation hole. Driver fits in from the hole. Driver has a quick connector between the lamp and the driver as well as quick connectors to mains. The driver is chainable. This guarantees easy installation. Driver can be installed maximum of 5m from the light (wires are not his long, but can be extended to max. this size).

The light stays cool, so it can be installed on wood or plaster. Fits to most ceiling structures where there is 48x48mm frame and 13mm plasterboard. We recommend you to install a piece of plaster board on to to stop the insulation from pressing on the light.

You can order a surface mounting frame to install this light on the surfaCE instead of reCEssed installation. Driver fits inside the frame.

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