Recessed LED PLAFOND 160 - UPPOAVA, 12W, colour changeable (CCT)

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LED ceiling light 160 UPPOAVA, IP54, CCT (12W) dimmable, color temperature adjustable and moisture-proof Light with the latest LED technology for all home spaces, when you want to change the atmosphere and affect the alertness level. Light adjustable between 3150-5600K. CCT adjustable transformer and control button are ordered separately. TRIAC dimmable basic transformer can be selected for the product, in which case the transformer has a 3-position switch for selecting the tone (3000/4000/5500K)

Recessed LED PLAFOND 160 - UPPOAVA, 12W, colour changeable (CCT) is available to buy in increments of 1

Led plafond 160 UPPOAVA, 12W is a multifunctional light for indoor and outdoor use. It is suitable for bathrooms, terraces and kitchens. The light is dimmable, the light colour is adjustable (3150-5600K) and it is moisture-proof. The light comes with a 5-year guarantee.

About Led technology

It doesn't matter what kind of light the light produces. For the home, we recommend choosing a light with a colour rendering index of at least over 90 CRI for high quality lighting. UPPOAVA -led ceiling lights have a CRI above 95. The colour temperature of the light is adjustable between 3150K (warm white) and 5600K (cool white).

UPPOAVA -led ceilings use an edge diffuser to give a soft, non-pointed light and the matt acrylic diffuses the light evenly. UPPOAVA -plafond, 12W led is equivalent in luminous intensity to 75W halogen, which means 800 lumens.

Round Led Panels

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Square Led Panels

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The light is recessed in the ceiling. When recessed the mounting hole should be 145mm. The light itself is 160x22mm, mounting springs 2 pcs included. Power supply to be ordered separately. The panel has a quick connector if you want to extend the wires, and a 3-pole wire to connect to the driver. For wireless control, we recommend a two-channel RF 50W driver for a group of four plafond. Installation with CCT wiring harness with 3-meter wires and wireless button set.

The light will fit into a typical ceiling structure with only 48x48mm of coloured steel and 13mm plasterboard under the vapour barrier. If the vapour barrier is installed loosely, we recommend installing a board or plasterboard above the light to prevent the insulation from sagging. The LED will not reach high temperatures, so no fire protection is required. However, it is not recommended to mount the Led light on any material and an air space of e.g. 1-2 cm can be left.

NOTE! Requires a separate CCT receiver and light controller to change the colour of the light.

TRIAC dimmable base driver can also be selected for the product, with a 3-position switch on the driver to select the shade (3000/4000/5500K)

driver dimming and colour adjustment

The RF driver is available in three sizes. 50W in addition to 100W (max. for eight 160, 12W plafond), and 200W (max. for 16 pcs. 160 Plafond 12W).

With the RF driver and the wireless CCT control button, colour adjustment is done from the right-hand button and on/off and dimming/brightening is done from the left-hand button. No other devices are required.

Another option for using a wired wall dimmer is a non-dimmable driver and a wired wall dimmer. A wiring harness is also required and/or an intermediate wiring harness with a three-pole cable. A wired dimmer can also be selected for the wiring harness, please ask for a quotation.

Third option for large groups of more than 200W / more than 16 units in one group for colour temperature control, a non-dimmable driver can be selected from our wide range of options, as well as a VaLO series CCT/RGB receiver and push button. The button allows the colour of the light's light to be changed between 3150K and 5600K. In addition, the light can be dimmed with the same button. There are two push-button options. In the rotary CCT dimmer, I move between dimming and colour adjustment by double-clicking the knob on the rotary button. In the two-button model, control as described above.

We advise on design and installation.

Why choose a UPPOAVA -led panel?

  • Dimmable
  • Light colour is adjustable
  • Moisture-proof (IP54)
  • Excellent colour rendering (CRI 95)
  • Good light output
  • Superior 5 year warranty for LED light + 3 years for power supply
  • UPPOAVA light lifetime up to 50000
  • Saves energy and therefore money
  • You can use the same light both indoors and outdoors
  • Finished, timeless design
  • Led plafond 160 is easy to install
More Information
Guarantee (year) 5 years
Colour rendering (CRI ±3) 95
Lumen 800.00
Light angle 110
Color Mattwhite
Voltage (V) 24, 230
Color temperature (K) 3000, 3500, 4000, 5500
Light Adjustment CCT
Adjustability Not adjustable
Watt 12.00
Lifespan 50000
Dimensions 160
Installation hole 145.00
Product diameter 16
Product height 16
Product width 16
Product depth 2.2
Approved CE, RoHS, IP54
Energy class B (185lm/W)
Muuta Dimmable driver included. Control panel to be ordered separately. Mounting springs attached.
IP Class IP54
Chainable Yes
Mounting Method Recessed
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Basic UPPOAVA LED PANEL 600 is a recessed light. Installation hole should be 580x580mm. Driver size is 195x45x33mm and it can be placed maximum of 5m from the light. The driver comes with every PANEL 600 light. LED PANEL is 13mm thick, so it fits to most of the ceiling structures (basic plaster board is similar in thickness). We recommend that you install a plaster board on top of the PANEL if the steam lock has been installed loosely. The LED PANEL needs 10-20mm air space on top of the light.You don't need any protection cups etc. when using led lights as the temperature of the light never exceeds 80 celsius.

If you need surface mounted light, you just order a frame with this light. The driver fits inside the frame. It's also possible to order the light as a suspended model with cable length of approx. 1,5m.

The reason we have decided to have the driver separate from the body is that this way the driver does not add up to the lights heath load and this makes the light last longer. The driver is included and has a quick connector for easy installation.

UPPOAVA LED PANEL 600 can be used with house automatics (ie. KNX and Talomatti).

Surface mounting frame is available for this product. Frame is 50mm in height and fits the driver inside.

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