Recessed LED PANEL 600x600 — UPPOAVA, colour changeable (CCT) with control unit

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UPPOAVA LED panel 600 (36W) is a dimmable and moisture-proof Light with the latest LED technology. The color temperature of the light can be adjusted between 2800K-5500K. The panel blends perfectly into the ceiling and creates the effect of a skylight in the room's lighting. The color rendering index (CRI) is 95!

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UPPOAVA panel 600, 36W led is a multifunctional light for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for bathrooms, terraces and kitchens. The panel blends perfectly into the ceiling and creates the effect of a skylight in the room lighting. The light is dimmable, the light colour is adjustable and it is moisture-proof. The light comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Led technology

It doesn't matter what kind of light the light produces. For the home, it is recommended to choose a light with a colour rendering index of at least 90 CRI or higher, so that the lighting looks natural to the eye. UPPOAVA -led panels always have a CRI above 95.

The colour of the light can be adjusted e.g. by means of a VaLO series RGB/CCT receiver and push button. The control unit and controller are included in the order when all the check boxes are ticked. If you have previously ordered a similar set and now wish to order another light in the same mode, adjusted by the same button (CCT), you can untick the button but do not remove it from the receiver. The light colour can be adjusted between 2800K (warm white) and 5500K (cold white).

The UPPOAVA -led panel uses an edge-coating, so the light comes in softly without spottiness, and the matte acrylic still diffuses the light to a pleasantly even glow. UPPOAVA panel 600, 36W led is equivalent in luminous intensity to 250W halogen, which is 3000 lumens.

Squares Led Panels

See here for installation examples and ideas


The light is recessed in the ceiling or surface-mounted. When recessed, the mounting hole should be 583x583mm. The light itself is 595x595x22mm and the separate power supply is 195x45x33mm. The power supply fits inside the surface mount frame.

The light will fit into a typical ceiling structure with only 48x48mm insulation and 13mm plasterboard under the vapour barrier. If the vapour barrier is installed loosely, we recommend installing a board or plasterboard above the light to prevent the insulation from sagging. The LED will not reach high temperatures, so no fire protection is required. However, it is not recommended to mount the LED light on any material and an air space of e.g. 1-2 cm can be left.

A surface mounting frame is available for the light which is 50mm high. The driver fits inside the frame.

NOTE! Requires a separate CCT receiver and light controller to change the colour of the light (included). The control unit is pre-installed on this product, if all check boxes are clicked off the product.

Dimming and colour adjustment

When using the VaLO series CCT/RGB receiver and push button, the light colour of the light can be changed between 2800K and 5500K. In addition, the light can be dimmed using the same button.

  • From the top left corner (on/off symbol) the lamp goes off and on
  • From the bottom left (sun), the lamp dims. Dimming is done by pressing and holding the button. Pressing the button again (for a long time) will redirect the lighting level in a different direction than the previous press.
  • From the top right corner (WW) you can adjust the colour temperature of the lamp to a warmer temperature.
  • From the bottom right (CW) you can adjust the colour temperature of the lamp to a cooler temperature.

Why choose a UPPOAVA -led panel?

  • Dimmable
  • Light colour is adjustable
  • Moisture-proof (IP54)
  • Excellent colour rendering (CRI 95)
  • Good light output
  • Superior 5 year warranty for LED light + 3 years for power supply
  • UPPOAVA light lifetime up to 50000
  • Saves energy and therefore money
  • You can use the same light both indoors and outdoors
  • Finished, timeless design
  • Easy to install
More Information
Guarantee (year) 5 years
Colour rendering (CRI ±3) 97
Model LedPanel 600 CCT complete set
Lumen 3,000.00
Color temperature (K) Adjustable CCT
Light Adjustment CCT
Watt 36.00
Lifespan 50000
Dimensions 595x595mm, Installation cut out 583x583mm, lenght 22mm
Approved CE, RoHs, IP54
Energy class B (185lm/W)
Muuta Complete set CCT Panel 600
IP Class IP44
Chainable Yes
Mounting Method Recessed
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Hi how/where can i select the mounting frame for the uppoava 300x1200 led panel 3000-4000-6000k?
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