Handle for 50W LED floodlight

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Carrying handle for 50W led spotlight.

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    Carrying handle for 50W led spotlight.

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Carrying handle for 50W led spotlight.

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High quality LED lights also have a high colour rendering index, or CRI. A good colour rendering index (CRI) for home use is above 90, and nowadays many market lights are unfortunately closer to 80.

CRI tells you how well an LED light displays colours as they should be. For designers and architects, as well as interior designers, it should be one of the most important considerations. Make sure the lighting is perfect so that your artwork is what it is meant to be.

Mikä on CRI, eli Värintoisto indeksi

Colour rendering index

The colour rendering index is expressed as a number on a scale from zero to 100, where 0 = no colour rendering and 100 = full colour rendering. The colour rendering index of LED lights is also known as Ra, which is measured on a smaller scale than CRI. This Ra value does not include red tones or skin tones, for example, so it is a 'glossed' figure for the true quality of an LED light.

RA value

The Ra value measures the reproduction of colours using eight different reference colours. CRI takes into account the wider (15) wavelength range, including reds and other warm colours.

The Ra value is calculated by cutting the wavelength range, weighting the blue and violet tones, and calculating the weighted average of R numbers 1-8.

Excluded from the Ra value are, for example, the colour rendering of bright reds, yellows and greens, and shades close to skin tone. These are described by R-values between 9 and 15. The following is a picture of a measurement result that easily confuses the consumer.

Tämä mittaustulos on 9W CCT Led spotista

This measurement is from a 9W CCT Led spot

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