Motion PIR sensor switch with light level sensor, wall installation, IP20

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This motion sensor (PIR) can be used to turn on room lights. It works best in spaces where people only briefly enter, such as closets, entryways, storage rooms, utility rooms, and pantries. The PIR sensor turns the lights on when it detects motion within its range. It also includes a light sensor, which allows it to be used as a night light, turning on the lights only when it's dark and motion is detected.

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This motion sensor (PIR) can be used to turn on the lights in the room. It works best in spaces where people usually just pop in and out, such as cloakrooms, hallways, storage rooms, technical rooms and pantries. Installation in a standard wall switch box. The PIR sensor switches the lights on when it detects movement in the beam area and switches the lights off after a certain time after the last movement detected. The on-time is adjustable between 10 seconds and 7 minutes.

Motion detection is done by infrared, which works by turning on the lights when the sensor detects a temperature (heat) in the beam area that is different from that of the wand. If you want the light to be on all the time, you can select the ON position on the front of the sensor. We do not recommend installation near an air conditioner, air heat pump or radiator, as heat variation against the background will cause the lights to turn on.

The motion sensor also includes a twilight sensor, which makes it very useful for night lighting, for example, turning on the lights from motion only when the twilight level is at a certain level. The light level can be adjusted from a near-dark 3lx level to a fully bright 2000lx.

  • Detection radius: 160В°
  • Power: 220V - 240V AC, 50-60Hz
  • Maximum load: 500W (incandescent lamps), 200W (energy saving and LED lamps).
  • Detection distance: max. 9m
  • Installation height: 0.8m - 1.2m
  • Operating temperature: -10В°to +40В°
  • Time delay: min. Min. 10sec. В± 3sec. to max. 10sec. to max. 7min. В± 2min. (adjustable)
  • Ambient light level: <3-2000lx (adjustable)
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Power consumption: 0.5W
  • Operating humidity: <93%RH
  • Motion detection speed: 0.6 - 1.5m/s
More Information
Guarantee (year) 2 years
Watt 200.00
Dimensions 82mm x 82mm x 45mm
Product height 8.2
Product width 8.2
Product depth 4.5
Energy class D (135lm/W)
Muuta Max. load with LED lights 200W
IP Class IP20
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