LED CCT STRIP 14,4W/m, 24V complete KIT (with wireless dimmer)

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  • 5 meter accessory set, 2500K-6500K, 24V
  • efficient for lighting and creating atmosphere
  • includes profiles 2x2.5 m
  • includes transformer and control
  • includes 10cm supply cables (three-wire cable)

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LED CCT STRIP 14,4W/m, 24V complete KIT (with wireless dimmer) is available to buy in increments of 1
Customize LED CCT STRIP 14,4W/m, 24V complete KIT (with wireless dimmer)
1 x LED CCT STRIP SMD 3528, ADJUSTABLE 2500-6500K 14,4W/m (72W/5m) 24V   + €0.00
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1 x VaLO 24V DRIVER 75W with built-in RF receiver   + €80.10
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1 x VaLO — LED dimmer and CCT colour changing, wireless button   + €0.00
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  • 5 x 1cm kolmisäikeinen kalustekaapeli CCT-nauha-asennuksiin, valkoinen €1.44
  • 1 x 2m white cable with plug €5.31

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LED CCT STRIP 14,4W/m, 24V complete KIT (with wireless dimmer) is available to buy in increments of 1
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LED CCT STRIP 14,4W/m, 24V complete KIT (with wireless dimmer)
LED CCT STRIP 14,4W/m, 24V complete KIT (with wireless dimmer)

In stock



    A complete set including a temperature adjustable LED strip between 2500-6500K (light colour temperature), a wireless dimmer/colour temperature control button and a 24V driver with built-in receiver and two freely selectable 2.5m surface-mounted aluminium profiles.

    Can't decide whether you want warm or cool white? To solve the problem we have a CCT adjustable LED strip, TUNNELMA, where the colour temperature of the light can be adjusted between 2500K and 6500K. The strip has a colour rendering index, CRI, of over 90, which means that the colours of the illuminated object are well reproduced. (For best colour rendering, set the TUNNELMA led strip to 4000K, as there is no yellowish or bluish tint involved). This led strip is dimmable and the VaLO series CCT button and receiver are used to adjust the colour temperature.

    Product information

    Our CCT adjustable TUNNELMA led strip is 14.4W/m (1000 lumens per meter) and has 60 led circuits per meter. This makes the light uniform enough for indirect lighting, for example. When mounted on an aluminium profile, the spotlight is only noticeable when looking directly at the light from the front. When indirectly illuminated through a wall, the light is uniform. The CRI of the strip is over 90, which is excellent and suitable for use in home lighting.

    The driver is fitted with a plug.

    Also included is a VaLO series resistor and a wireless button (for RGB/CCT strips).

    A surface-mounted, free-standing aluminium profile is also included (2 pcs). The profiles are 2.5m long and come with end pieces, brackets and diffuser.


    TUNNELMA led strip light comes in 5m rolls and can be cut to size every 10cm. The strip is clearly marked for easy cutting. We recommend joining the strips by soldering, as we have found that the quick-release fasteners loosen over time and loosening causes the lights to flash. Our Led strip is easy to attach with the 3M high grip tape that comes with it. The tape should always be mounted on metal to allow the led circuits to release their heat away from the circuit. This way the led strip will withstand use and will not break.

    We recommend that one driver does not feed 24V strip for more than 10m (regardless of power) to avoid light degradation at the other end of the strip. So if you need more than 10m of strip, we recommend feeding the strip so that the supply comes from the middle, for example. The led strip should always be attached to an aluminium strip, so that excess heat is conducted away from the led circuit. This will prolong the life of the led strip. Aluminium profiles can be ordered from our online shop, where three different types are available.

    It comes with a VaLO series counterpart and a wireless button for CCT lights. The receiver is mounted between the LED strip and the driver. The button can be fixed in the desired location. Once installed, the button and receiver are paired by pressing the "learning" button on the receiver and then pressing the button on the button. The lights will flash to indicate successful pairing.

    Use of the button:

    • From the top left corner (on/off symbol) the light goes off and on
    • From the bottom left (sun), the lamp dims. The dimming is activated by pressing and holding the button. Pressing the button a second time (for a long time) directs the lighting level in a different direction than the previous press.
    • From the top right corner (WW) you can adjust the colour temperature of the lamp to a warmer temperature.
    • From the bottom right (CW) you can adjust the colour temperature of the lamp to a cooler temperature.

    The LED strip works well with solar power, boats and cars if they use 24VDC. Then a separate power supply is not needed (although it is included in the kit). The power supply does not need to be dimmable, as the dimming is done between the strip and the control unit, after the driver.

    We will be happy to help with any questions regarding installation and ordering.

    Create your own lamp

    Why use the TUNNELMA led strip only for traditional applications such as task lighting and indirect lighting when you can make a light out of almost anything? An old cartwheel, a zinc bucket or even a wooden boat can be turned into a lamp with the help of LED strip. And let's get designing!

    More Information
    Guarantee (year) 3 years
    Colour rendering (CRI ±3) 90
    Model CCT-strip-24V-14.4W-set
    Lumen 5,000.00
    Voltage (V) 24
    Color temperature (K) Adjustable CCT
    Light Adjustment CCT
    Watt 72.00
    Lifespan 35.0000h
    Dimensions Strip: 8x3x5000mm Profile: 17x6x2500mm
    Approved CE, RoHs, IP21, SELV
    Energy class B (185lm/W)
    Muuta Dimming with RF signal
    IP Class IP21
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    For the CCT ability to work, you need a wireless button and a receiver.

    LED strip comes in a 5m roll that can be cut to measure in every 10cm. We recommend that you solder the wanted lengths together as we have noticed that the fast clips tend to loosen after few years and then the light starts flickering.

    If you have more than 10m of strip, you need to feed the power from both ends or from the centre to minimize the powerloss. All installations should be made on top of aluminium (ie. aluminium profile), that way the excess heat gets conducted away from led circuit and makes it last longer.

    LED strip works in boats, as it is 24VDC you might not even need a driver!

    Remember to order a driver (unless it is for a boat, car or with solar power of 24VDC).

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