Depending on the product, LedStore products are covered by a three, five or seven-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. To our knowledge, we are the first in Finland to offer a warranty of up to seven years on led luminaires. The warranty periods for products are always indicated in the product information. Read more about warranty periods for product categories.


LedStore’s expertise is a combination of building construction, renovation and lighting know-how. So we only offer products that we would want to install in our own environment, home or workplace. Schedules are sometimes tight, so we are committed to being as fast and punctual as possible. For example, same day delivery if the order reaches us before 12 noon and the product is in stock. All our products are, in principle, stock items.

We want to be a partner in projects large and small. If you’re not a lighting professional, commissioning a lighting plan will pay for itself quickly. We know the laws of lighting demand definition and installation with experience from hundreds of lighting projects. With a ready-made lighting plan, it’s easy and effortless for the electrician to get the job done. If you want an installer who is used to working with LedStore products, we are happy to provide contact details.


The quality of our products is our number one priority. We carefully study the components and materials of our products before we put them under the LedStore brand. For example, all our light frames are cast aluminium. We resell some products as they are, but for the vast majority we specify the components used in the product ourselves to our product manufacturer.

We are constantly looking for better components, and as LED circuits evolve, we introduce the latest ones into our products. We want to offer the best lighting in Europe and a touch of luxury in LED lighting!


Our pricing is transparent thanks to our online shop. By registering as a consumer customer in our online shop, it’s easier to place orders and your order history is saved. This will make it easier, for example. managing warranty issues. In the online shop, you can also submit a request for a quote for the products in your shopping basket.

We have developed our own online price list for retail customers, which differs from the online prices. Orders and requests for quotations from retail customers are preferably received by contacting us via the form or by e-mail at myynti@ledstore.fi. We also always offer a personalised service. All our products are on display in our shop!


Our business concept is not only to be a mass distributor of bulk products, but also to develop our own luminaires, and to constantly improve our range according to customer needs. Product finish and quality are important to us. We are also developing products to increase speed and ease of installation. A good example of our development is the ModLed spotlight product group, launched in 2017, which combines the best of a loose bulb and an LED luminaire.

For ease of installation, our power supply units can be daisy-chained with quick connectors. Discover the product black, directional ModLed. You can also order customised made-to-measure luminaires from us.


The series of juried and peer-reviewed lighting design competitions in which LedStore has participated have been just the right choice to test the appeal of the spotlight family. We have won gold in the International Architecture & Design Awards 2023 and bronze in the A´Design Award & Competition 2023. The competition wins show that our domestic LED innovations are in demand and also attract international interest.

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Janne Halttu has been developing his own product family since the beginning of the company. Throughout the product development process, our own experience of building a house and installing luminaires has been at the top of the list of requirements. The CCT spots on the list of requirements were:

  • High quality – All parts of the luminaire are finished down to the connectors.
  • High light quality – The LED circuitry of the luminaires has a very high colour rendering, CRI98!
  • Versatile – The ballast is designed for 24V systems with a CCT led transformer or CCT Controller.
  • Quick to install – The luminaire has a quick connector for a Basic transformer, a pre-terminated connecting cable or a harness
  • Minimum 600 Lumens – The luminaire has a removable opal which has the function of reducing the glare of the luminaire. Taking the lens out of the way can increase light output by 10-15%
  • Maximum 55 mm high luminaire – The luminaire must fit into a standard Finnish ceiling structure consisting of a 49×49 mm trim + 13 mm plasterboard.
  • Compact transformer – The standard transformer of the luminaire fits into the mounting hole of the luminaire.
  • TRIAC dimmable – The luminaire transformer is TRIAC dimmable.
  • Chainable – The standard transformer of the luminaire is chainable.
  • Long life – The lamp has a burn time of more than 50 000 hours.
  • Long warranty – The lamp is guaranteed for 7 years.
  • Modular body – The luminaire’s heat sink is a standard size spiral LED module that is interchangeable. We always use the same LED module in as many products as possible to make it environmentally friendly.
  • Sustainability – It must be possible to buy the components of luminaires later.


All of the above are features of CCT spots. For example, we still have in stock LED circuits from products manufactured 10 years ago. In this way, the customer is assured of a long supply of spare parts. The CCT led family was initially launched with 10 luminaires, but has since expanded.

The range now includes more than 50 products:

  • 35 different types CCT led spots , the development of which started in 2018 and the product family will be released in 2019
  • 10 different types CCT Led panel , the development of which started in 2019 and the family will be released in 2020
  • 10 different types CCT Led strip light , the development of which started in 2019 and the family will be released in 2020

In other words, an all-in-one system. Feel free to choose the one you like. All products are of high quality: colour rendering CRI 98 and a 5-7 year guarantee.


CCT lights have been on the market for a few years now, but all of them have used only pre-fitted fixed switches and have had a CRI of around 80. These products have therefore been limited, plastic and with poor colour rendering. It’s OK for customers to be free to choose the shade of light during installation, but why stop there?

“I wanted to make sure that when the interior changes, when new art is added to the wall or the carpet changes colour, the luminaires always bring out the best in the objects. So I designed a whole range of down lights that are beautiful, long-lasting, freely usable in any intelligent lighting system and with the highest possible quality of illumination, CRI98. The luminaires are easy to install, and because they are low-voltage and have plug n play connectors. So no compromises!”

– Janne Halttu

The CCT product family offers 2 installation options:

1. Basic installation method with dimmable luminaire-specific transformer, with one of three colour temperatures selectable during installation:

standard supply, where the luminaire is supplied with a transformer with a 3-position switch. The switch allows you to select a light temperature of 2900K/4000/5500K at the installation stage. The luminaire is TRIAC dimmable.

2. Adaptable installation method with the product’s own wiring harnesses to connect to the desired group transformers, achieving not only dimming but also variable colour temperature control depending on the controller and system timings and programming:

Freely selectable 2900-5500K. Selection is made by the desired lighting control system, such as Zigbee, DALI2, Z-Wave, etc. All lights are 24VDC connected in parallel. Easy to add / remove Led lights.


The CCT product family also includes a complete IP54, pull-protected cabling kit with a 3 metre intermediate cable, and a choice of 3-piece or 6-piece splitter.
You can also use another 3-conductor cable of about 0.5 mm³ for the installation.


A CCT-led light is a luminaire that allows you to change the colour temperature of white light. The range depends on the LED luminaire, but can be as low as 2500K – 6500K.

Changes in color temperature, which are clearly visible to the eye, vary from yellowish light to bluish light. The temperature-controlled LED light changes the color tone of the light so that there are always two LED circuits side by side in the luminaire itself; cold and warm.
When the mixing ratio of these two is changed with a regulator, the color temperature of the light changes. In addition to the possibility of changing the color temperature of the light, the luminaires can be dimmed.

Different materials and colors react differently to different light spectra. It is very important to find the right color temperature that meets your needs.

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High-quality LED lights also have a high colour rendering index, or CRI. A good colour rendering index (CRI) for home use is above 90, and nowadays many market lights are unfortunately closer to 80.

CRI, or Color Rendering Index, indicates how well an LED light displays colors as they should be. For designers and architects, as well as decorators, it should be one of the most important considerations. Ensure that the lighting is perfect so that your artwork is as it is meant to be.

The color rendering index is expressed as a number on a scale from zero to one hundred, where 0 = no color reproduction and 100 = full color reproduction. The color rendering index of LED lights is also known as Ra, which is measured on a smaller scale than CRI. This Ra value does not include, for example, shades of red or skin tones, so it is a “beautified” number for the actual quality of the LED light.

The Ra value measures color reproduction using eight different reference colors. The CRI takes into account a broader (15) wavelength range, including reds and other warm colors. The Ra value is calculated by cutting the wavelength range, emphasizing blue and violet shades, and calculating the weighted average of R-numbers 1-8. Excluded from the Ra value, among other things, are the color reproduction of bright reds, yellows, and greens, as well as shades close to skin tone. These are described by R-values 9-15.

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Janne Halttu

I am the owner-entrepreneur of Lamppukauppa Led Store (LedStore.fi), who has built 4 detached houses for my family and renovated several properties. 20 years of construction experience has given me a lot of knowledge about structures, and for several houses about electrical work. I have been working with LED lighting for more than 10 years. I am an expert in Led lighting, I write articles and I am a lighting designer. I often help clients with electrical and structural issues related to lighting and house construction.