Why LedStore? 5 + 1




We offer a minimum of 3 years guarantee to all our lights, with no additional cost. Most of our recessed lights have 5 year guarantee and we believe we are the first company in Finland to offer that for led lights. All product guarantees are visible on the product pages.



We have experience in planning lighting on new houses as well as to homes that will be renovated. We only offer products that we believe to bee of high qulity, both technically and visually. Schedules are often strict, so we promise to be as fast and as precise as possible. Most of our orders are sent out the same day they are ordered and delivered by post the next day. Most of our products are on stock, but if we are missing something or something is made to order, the deliverytime is normally 2-4 weeks.



We do not want to sell low quality products for masses but to develop quality products to meet the needs of our customers. The quality and the overall finish of the product is important to us. We intend to develop our product so that they would be fast and effortless to install. Good example of this is our ModLed downlight, where we have made a led module that can be easily attached to any ModLed frame selected and that can be easily replaced after the time is up for the led. Installation is made fast also thanks to our quick connectors on the drivers and lamps. We also make custom products on request!



The high quality of the components we use is our priority. We are always on the search for better components like led cirquits as we want to offer high quality and long lifetime of products to our customers as well as the ability to dim the lights with different systems. We mostly use aluminium in all main parts of our lights and 99% of our lights are made from aluminium. We intend to offeer a hint of luxury and the best quality in led lighting!/p>



All our prices are shown on our printed material as well as online and on our store in Vantaa. By signing in as a customer online, we can keep your order history saved, so next time you want to order same products, it will be easy. You can leave a request for quote for all the products you have put in your shopping cart online by a press of a button. We also serve resellers and wholesale customers. If you want to become a reseller, do not hesitate to contact us at info@ledstore.fi of by calling +358(0) 50 598 7101.



We are experienced in lighting big and small projects, mainly in private housing sector. When the schedule is thight and stress is on, what would be nicer than someone to help you in figuring out the lighting and the possibilities it brings? Good plans reduce the possibilities of errors and make things faster and smoother in all parts of the project. If you have the plans ready before you meet your electrician, you will save them time as they can copy the lighting plan from our design. We can also help you in looking for the right electrician for your project!

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