Distance from materials and fire protectionInstallation

Good thing about our Led lights is their low temperature. (max. 50 degrees Celsius). So you do not need to install "dust cap" or other fire protection inside the ceiling. Our products have die-cast aluminum chassis which results great heat dissipation and led lighs stay cool and safe to touch. 

Our most common model has installation height of 55mm (9W Led light, LED-033). Led light can be installed against Gyproc or wood, but we do not recommend direct contact with wool or plastic. Due to roof structures, usually there is plastic vapor barrier first. We recommed you to put piece a of Gyproc or wood between the plastic and the led lamp, so that the insulation is not pushing the light downwards. The more there is extra space, the cooler the working temperature of the led which means longer lifetime.

Because lamps are low in height, you do not need high ceiling structures. The normal 2" x 2" plus Gyproc/panel is enough. So 49x49mm + 13mm = 62mm !!

New driverLED drivers

All our lights come with a driver, excluding led strips for which you select the driver according to use and the lenght of the used strip. Led spots, led sets and led panels (UPPOAVA -series) are dimmable. Most of the drivers for led spots and panels are already models that can be chained and the rest will be changed later. 

Measurements for old drivers (length, width, height)

  • Panel/plafond 120, 76x33x22mm
  • Panel/plafond 200, 96x38x22mm
  • ”UPPOAVA” Plafond 160 ja 240, 110x50x35mm
  • ”UPPOAVA” Panel 150, 99x40x27mm
  • ”UPPOAVA” Panel 300, 115x45x29mm
  • ”UPPOAVA” Panel 1200 ja 600, 195x45x33mm
  • Spots and spot sets 110x50x35mm
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